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"I Love Myself" Hibiscus Goddess Bath

Recently, Chakrubs was featured on a new website called The Hoodwitch. The creator of this website and I had a magical bond, and soon after her interview of me was published (view interview here), I asked her if she would share her insights…
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Chakrub Together

I received this testimonial from a man who purchased a Chakrub for his wife who he has been making love with for 30 years. “I purchased the Rose Chakrub for my wife. Once we cleansed and programmed it’s energy we started to play with it in bed.…
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Chakrubs- An Interview With Vanessa Cuccia

With the launch of their new website, The Hood Witch, comes an in-depth interview with the founder of Chakrubs. Click on the link to read and check out their beautiful site. "From the beginning of time we have found beauty, power, and myste…
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