The Xaga - Original


 The Xaga - Original is made from pure black obsidian, a powerful protective and grounding crystal. Black obsidian can provide strength and support during difficult circumstances and reveal blocks that might be holding one back. The Xaga is able to absorb negative energy and release stress to improve emotional well-being. It is an excellent stone to keep during times of mental or physical stress or to heal from grief. This Chakrub will alleviate fears and worries to allow one to become more comfortable within themselves and their surroundings. It is also believed to promote stamina and vigor and encourages wise decision making.

The Xaga - Original can specifically assist with:

  • Promoting self control and keeping excessive emotions and passions under control

  • Easing past relationship trauma and overcoming emotional strain

  • Fostering emotional stability

  • Learning and implementing self-control

  • Promoting clarity when making difficult decisions

  • Promoting positive sexual health and easing the root chakra and reproductive system

  • Releasing sexual shame and healing related traumas


Materials & Weight:

  • 100% natural black obsidian crystal
  • 1 lb
  • Measured Flat: 7” long and 1.67” wide
  • Circumference: 3.75” small end and 5” large end


Arrives in a keepsake box or pouch

Chakrubs do not require batteries

100% natural - does not contain chemicals or artificial treatment

Smooth surface

Relieves muscular and emotional tension


*Color and size variations may occur because they are hand shaped and made out of pure black obsidian. Slight imperfections in the crystal are normal as they are hand polished and shaped without dyes or chemicals.

*All sales final

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Height 4.00
Weight 1.69 LBS
Depth 4.00


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I got into Chakrubs, after reading Vanessa's book, “Crystal Healing & Sacred Pleasure” from beginning to end. I am a widow, so after buying a few items, this gave me the strength and the power to heal, and to empower my body and my mind to be confident In who I am. Each piece has the power to heal different parts of your body and mind. I just purchased the Xaga- Original, and it has become my favorite Piece with reducing stress in my life and even those I’m in my 60’s, I can still give myself a few orgasms, one after another, bless it be♥️
Posted by Elizabeth , 5th Feb 2021

1) WOW. And B) I’m still high from it.

First, I’ll get to the stuff you’re in this section to read about: Holy shit. I just came like a billion times. No but seriously, this is my new fave toy. The Original Xaga is the first penetrative, non-vibrating toy I’ve ever owned. I was excited to have a new experience. Something new for me, from me. And of course, I wanted to see what all the hype was about! I was skeptical about the energy healing properties at first. I wasn’t entirely confident I would know how to do that. But it kept me in this state of playfulness that allowed me to really enjoy myself in a way I hadn’t alone before. And the orgasms.. *audible moaning!!* Multiple. Long lasting. Intense!! Now... I’m one of the lucky ones that can orgasm from penetrative sex occasionally, but it’s not usually like this!! So, I don’t think it’s me! It’s definitely her! (Yes, mines a she). The shape is divine and the WEIGHT...!!!! Do yourself a favor and just get one. You deserve this! Secondly, I have to elaborate on the exceptional customer service and love I have received from Chakrubs. I originally purchased the indigo curve in the beginning of May during that amazing sale. I didn’t know when to expect my Chakrub and after about a month of waiting I contacted customer service. I just asked about how long shipping usually takes, assuming they’re just backordered cause they’re always sold out. They responded the very next day, explaining there was some mix up with the lapidary and they offered express shipping as soon as they had more in stock. Totally above and beyond that, they offered to switch my order if I wanted! I asked if they would switch it to the Original Xaga since I’d had my eye on it. They shipped it to me express in two days! Amazing customer service. *cue infomercial voice* “But wait, there’s more!” I was eager to open the package as soon as I got home; curious to feel it in my hands, genuinely excited to start something new. I open the package to find baggies of small crystals and a selenite wand in addition to my order as a thanks for my patience. There was also a personally wax sealed envelope containing what is essentially a love letter from the creator of Chakrubs to her customers. This detail is the one that sold me completely, as more than just a customer. For me that was where amazing customer service turned into human compassion. This company took action to bring love into my life in whatever way they could. I will definitely be a return customer!
Posted by Spencer, 8th Jun 2018

The Original

For a multitude of reasons I took my time with this purchase, often reading the reviews and blog posts. Im really glad I decided to make it a yes. Its teaching me quite a bit about my body, my thoughts of myself and self pleasure. I feel like it a relationship that Im beginning to build with this piece. I like what the obsidian represents and will buy the rose quartz when the time is right. Im extremely grateful and look forward to allowing more to unfold. Thank you for this product!!
Posted by Celeste, 11th Apr 2018


Excellent. It speaks to me and alivens me. Makes me feel more me. The blackness and shadow side of the crystal challenges me to accept without drawing me into the shadow world. My experience is, that it is very grounding. Very grateful for having gifted this to myself and very grateful that someone has been so thoughtful to create this and make it available. I use it to meditate, for self awareness and for pleasure.
Posted by Siren, 9th Apr 2018


This wasn’t my first crystal “toy” but from the moment I opened the box and held it in my hands, it’s energy was electric and calling to me. Magnetic. Just holding it made me and makes me feel alive and fully myself. I know I’m drawn to shadow crystals and also it’s important I think to say I have worked with obsidian for a while. I have a black yoni egg and the viper (buy one). So I don’t experience the feels that done say are too much. For me I just feel well, more me. A vibrant totally connected me. The shape of the original is exquisite. I am certain it’s TMI but why not? It’s true. With this beautiful work of art, pleasuring can be any way I wish. Long and loving. Hard and fast. Either way my response is intense. Maybe the most intensity I’ve ever felt. And that ejaculation some wish for? Every time. And that’s totally new to me. At 56 it was quite a sweet surprise. I’m so bonded. I use it for meditation and intention setting. For craft. It brings me such loving comfort.
Posted by Renee, 13th Mar 2018


Thank you!
Posted by Gabrijela, 27th Jan 2018

Love in a wand

The first night that I received the wand I slept with it near me andI had pleasant dreams. This product is life changing and helps you open up to deeper levels of yourself. I love the cards and selenite wand that it comes with as well. Thank you!
Posted by Cari, 15th Dec 2017

Life Changing

This majestic tool is life changing. I have begun healing childhood sexual trauma with the Black Obsidian Original Xaga - a process I thought would take so much energy from my body. In reality, if I hadn't stumbled upon Chakrubs, I would've attempted a less than desirable route to sexual mental health. I am stunned at how beautifully my mind and body are reacting to my everyday experiences with this beloved crystal. My views of personal and partnered sex have been altered incredibly and I feel like a new person - I feel so much more alive and woken to what love can actually mean throughout a human experience. This truly feels unworldly and I cannot thank Chakrubs enough, but I can try. Thank you - I am forever grateful.
Posted by Alexus , 3rd Sep 2017

Divine Love from Down Under

I was hesitant for the splurge and gave the purchase great thought but I don't regret it in the least. I was looking for a sensual complement to my tree-hugging-hippie spirit and nature. I was dissatisfied with mainstream toys because they felt cold, had unnatural odors, and didn't help to relax me. I love that these products have multiple uses and the letter of love included in the wax-sealed envelope is a touch of pure gold which I have never encountered before. I will be buying more beautiful products in the future. Shipping to AU was quick and not over-the-top in cost. <3
Posted by Elle, 29th Aug 2017