The Jade Yoni Egg


The Jade yoni egg is sculpted from pure nephrite jade, the original crystal used in the yoni egg practice. Jade holds an esteemed position in many ancient and modern cultures, known for its unique healing and spiritual insights. It resonates with the heart chakra to increase love and nurturing and provides protection from harm. It calms the nervous system and provides energy when feeling defeated or drained. Use this stone to attract good luck and authentic friendship.

The Jade yoni egg can specifically assist with:

  • Releasing negative thoughts and irritability and soothing the mind

  • Improving dream recollection and gaining access to the spiritual world

  • Healing feelings of guilt

  • Cleansing the body and removing toxic energy

  • Enhancing self-confidence and self-reliance

  • Harmonizing dysfunctional relationships

  • Attracting and recognizing abundance in all forms

  • Dispelling criticisms to help see one as they are


Legend has it that the yoni egg practice is said to have originated in China over 2,000 years ago as a practice to maintain a strong and healthy vagina. A regular yoni egg practice can increase awareness of the muscles while also building a strong pelvic floor. A regular yoni practice has been said to result in more powerful orgasms, a higher sex drive, and improved urinary incontinence. This item fits in the palm of your hand and comes in options for drilled or non-drilled. The drilled option comes with a string to tie to the egg, which can be used to facilitate extraction or for vaginal weight lifting exercises. 


We recommend only using your egg for 15-20 minutes a day, and cleansing with mild soap and water both before and after use.


Materials & Weight:

  • 100% natural nephrite jade crystal
  • Weight: 2 oz 
  • Measured Flat: 42mm long and 30mm wide


Arrives in keepsake box or pouch

Chakrubs do not require batteries

100% natural - does not contain chemicals or artificial treatment

Smooth surface

Relieves muscular and emotional tension


*Color and size variations may occur because they are hand shaped and made out of pure nephrite jade. Slight imperfections in the crystal are normal as they are hand polished and shaped without dyes or chemicals.

*All sales final

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Height 6.00
Weight 1.00 LBS
Depth 6.00


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I love this

My egg had a very strong positive impression on me as soon as I felt it in my hands. I took my time getting to know her. I watched a few videos and I'm chillin with her now. I love her and I love this company!
Posted by Jackie, 4th Jun 2019

catapulting my healing journey

I am in tears. Probably party because I just inserted the jade egg for the first time and I am feeling an emotional release. I felt an instant connection to this egg and the notes included plus the selentine was a very nurturing addition. I love Chakrubs and will probably start recommending it to everyone I know. BTW I never review things, but THIS, this is different. I feel things. I feel things on deep levels. I am a gypsy and lack grounding and this is bringing me all sorts of grounded feelings. These are just the things I am noticing now so I am looking forward to a long relationship with my egg and it will be going with me on my travels to keep me grounded. I could keep going about it but I'll stop here :) you won't regret investing in one, you may regret it if you don't!
Posted by aubrey lu nova, 16th May 2019

jade egg

this is my third piece from chakrubs and is certainly not the last (i'm eyeing the amethyst egg rn). i didn't expect it to be so powerful for me. i have the xaga and the original heart, and found that using the crystals to pleasure myself was far more healing than i had expected. i had a vaginal orgasm for the first time using the heart--something that brought tears to my eyes for so many reasons. after having luck and love with those two wands, i decided to read up on the yoni eggs because i had no idea what they were. the more i read about them, the more i felt compelled to purchase and try one. i am in the process of trying to heal from a long history of sexual trauma, and the idea of focusing my physical and spiritual energy into turning my body into a place of power was exactly what i wanted. the moment i started wearing the yoni egg i could feel it radiating through me. i meditate with it daily to send my intentions for healing and self-love into it. putting my yoni egg in is the most peaceful time of the day. i really love this product and am so thankful for what you all do here. :)
Posted by j, 6th Dec 2018

I love my jade egg

The jade egg is something that had intrigued me for years but I waited until I found a source I really trusted to purchase one from. When a friend showed me the Chakrubs site I was so happy to see a small, woman-owned company with a vision of sexual and sensual healing that aligned with my own. When I got the package it felt like a beautiful gift from an old friend: wrapped beautifully, with so much thoughtfulness and a lovely note. The egg itself is beautiful, so many shades of green and so smooth and lovely. I felt instantly connected to it as a healing presence in my life. Following some advice from the website I took a bath with it, meditated with it and spoke to it. I feel that when I use the egg it amplifies my own best energies, and puts me in touch with a powerfully soft aspect of myself. When exercising its easier for me to connect to my core and pelvic floor. I'm so happy I found Chakrubs. I would basically like to buy everything in their shop.
Posted by v, 7th Apr 2018

Fantastic- can't wait to buy from chakrubs again!

I bought the jade egg for the uk, it was very quick international delivery and well pact. The seller left a lovely note with the package. The egg came with a good quality protective bag to store it. The egg itself is wonderful, true to description, I have used it several times finding that it has indeed helped with menstrual cramps so that I'm taking less medication among other things. I love my jade egg and can't wait to buy from chakrubs again. Lovely store, with a wonderful owner.
Posted by kiera, 7th Apr 2017