The Indian Jade - Original


The Indian Jade - Original is made from pure green aventurine, which is thought to be the luckiest of all crystals. This precious stone instills a sense of optimism and zest for life, allowing one to move forward with confidence and embrace change. Its gentle green color resonates with the heart chakra and it can be used for harmonizing the emotional body and attracting love. It enhances creativity and motivation, encouraging perseverance in maneuvering through life’s obstacles. Green aventurine is known for helping to release old patterns, habits, and behaviors so that new growth can take place.

The Indian Jade - Original can specifically assist with:

  • Dissolving nervousness, anger, irritation, and everyday stress

  • Calming chaotic thoughts and grounding one’s energy

  • Soothing emotional wounds and allows for the release of unhealthy relationships and heartache

  • Providing a reaffirming energy during times of upheaval or distress

  • Balancing solar and lunar energy

  • Releasing attachment to outcome and allowing one to be present for experiences

  • Enhancing romantic relationships, especially those later in life

  • Resolving blockages and rebalancing the heart chakra


Materials & Weight:

  • 100% natural green aventurine crystal
  • Weight: 1 lb
  • Measured Flat: 7” long and 1.67” wide
  • Circumference: 3.75” small end and 5” large end


Arrives in a keepsake box or pouch

Chakrubs do not require batteries

100% natural - does not contain chemicals or artificial treatment

Smooth surface

Relieves muscular and emotional tension


*Color and size variations may occur because they are hand shaped and made out of pure green aventurine. Slight imperfections in the crystal are normal as they are hand polished and shaped without dyes or chemicals.

*All sales final

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Height 4.00
Weight 1.69 LBS
Depth 4.00


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Indian Jade Wand

Absolutely amazing!! After years of a closed off heart chakra, I have felt the biggest emotional integration of my Life after using this product. I highly recommend this wand to anyone wanting to heal & expand their heart space. THANK YOU!!
Posted by Amber, 4th May 2020

Best Ever.

I am a sex educator, coach and holistic healer who has a high energetic awareness, and many toys, and this is my new favorite by far. Really, this wand is my new best friend. I sleep with it between my legs for comfort, and for the healing I currently need. I have had many crystal wands, and to me this is the Best Ever.
Posted by Sacha Fossa, 12th Jan 2019

Exactly what I needed

I love my Chakrub so much more than I was expecting. It's gorgeous! My request for a darker aventurine was well-honoured and the selenite wand and love letter that came with it were an extra touch. My chakrub is so smooth and I really love the weight of it. It works well for massaging out knots on my neck and of course, is amazing and powerful for practising self-love and exploration. I'm completely enthralled.
Posted by Sarah, 8th May 2018

Divine Sensuality

As an esoteric and sex positive YouTube vlogger, Chakrubs fit my brand to a t! I adore taking time with my Original Jade Chakrubs and releasing the tensions of the day. The stone reacts so well to body temperature and it's shape is easy to handle. I couldn't be happier with this divine piece and I can't wait to continue my self-sexploration with it's assistance.
Posted by Bella Greenidge, 12th Apr 2018


a gift for myself to help me usher in the new year - my first chakrub is a truly beautiful stone and honestly so much more powerful than I even imagined. Thank you!
Posted by K, 9th Dec 2017

So grateful

This is my second Chakrub, my first broke due to my slightly clumsy husband ;-), and we are both so thrilled and grateful for it. It has brought us closer and we are more adventurous and connected since we brought it home. Thank you, so much, for bringing this gift into the world, we love it.
Posted by Emma, 6th Dec 2017

Beauty and Power

It's a fantastic thing as toy and so beautiful as a stone!
Posted by D., 10th Aug 2016