“Any doubt I had about the tangible, vibrational quality of crystals has been squashed by my Chakrub.”

“Nightly I’ve been sleeping with my sacred Chakrub as I heal from a miscarriage + 2 abortions... and yes the astral situation has been intense, but let me tell you what a massive shift has occurred in my heart, soul and brain since receiving this gem. I feel myself opening, flowering, able to forgive and love and allow the sensuality to come back into my beautiful self. My insights have been clearer, my intuition on point, my guidance at the ready. I cannot adequately explain the shifts. I thank you from the deepest depths of myself and will share after I’ve spent more time with her but I am in tears and grateful for your gift of love to those of us in the dark who don’t know where else to find it.”

“It’s healthy pleasure.”

“It’s an amazing product, with the inherent good and high vibrations, it is possible to raise one’s consciousness, while of course giving pleasure to the user(s) at the same time. I recommend Chakrubs to my friends all the time!”

“These Chakrubs together makes for a sensational experience. I have always been an extremely sexual person, but I felt that my sexuality did not always belong to me. I ordered this set because I wanted that empowerment within myself. My expectations were high, but could not prepare me for the real thing. When I first opened the box, I was struck by what a caring

organization I was supporting. The letter within the box was so caring and lovely. When I first used them, I began with the Sacral Chakrub. I loved that it initially felt cold, although that is a complaint I’ve seen from some. Upon having it inside me for some time, it became so warm and energized. I eventually felt like I was having sex with an actual partner who loved me unconditionally and wanted my pleasure more than theirs. The same could be said for the Indigo Chakrub. I have since begun using them simultaneously for the most spiritually awakening orgasms I’ve ever experienced. These products are changing lives. I couldn’t be more grateful for finding this company. It’s truly everything I hoped it would be.”

“Life changer”

“I purchased the Rose Chakrub for my wife. Once we cleansed and programmed its energy we started to play with it in bed. The first time we just used it for massage with coconut oil on her back. She liked how it felt sliding on her skin. Then one time we started with massage and started to get a little sexual. While I was orally pleasuring her, the Chakrub rolled in by her hip. I started to slide it on the outside of her sensitive area while still licking her clitoris area. Then I started to slowly insert it into her. The first orgasm was good. I continued and got the Chakrub more involved by thrusting it into her a little fast, then when she was close I inserted it as deep as it would go and just let it sit there and concentrated on my licking and she orgasmed so hard I couldn’t stay on her with my tongue. When she calmed down and I withdrew the Chakrub it was so warm to touch. I then slid it across her clitoris and she orgasmed again. By then I could not hold back anymore and had to replace the Chakrub with my self and we both had very loud, screaming, mutual orgasms. Our love making was way more intense than it had ever been. We have been having sex together for 30 years, so we know what gets each other off, but this was the best most intense we have ever felt. Since that day the Rose Quartz Chakrub lives in our bed and sleeps with us every night.”

“Not only does Chakrubs combine both pleasure and beauty, it transforms the experience of self love into a exploration of true healing. The transformative nature of the Black Onyx has helped guide me into a safe and healthy relationship with myself and thus, has allowed me to be more loving in my intimate relationships. Chakrubs has been an incredible aid in  developing a pure understanding of intimacy, and for that I am truly grateful.”

“My Rose Chakrub is one of my most beautiful and sensual possessions, and it always puts me in the mood to radiate open hearted healing and love. I’m especially fond of how the stone warms and cools easily, and often I warm it under water and add a little coconut oil to provide a delicious smooth firm touch for massage and erotic play. I love this piece!”

“When that energy is connected with mine, the crystal literally pulsates and vibrates. This experience is phenomenal in its own subtle way, and changes, transforms the sexual experience. Each session is a chance to learn, grow and find the purity in our personal  sexuality! Embrace the Goddess!”

“It’s not about me loving this product, this product loves ME!”

“I was not sure what to expect using my Chakrub for the first time, but as soon as I held it in my hands a powerful sense of calm rippled through me.  My experience using my crystal has been one of intense healing and sexual pleasure in a uniquely personal space that I have created through my relationship with my chakrub.   Having a safe space to meditate with my crystal has allowed me to explore my connection with sex and love on a deeper and more sacred level.”

“I have grown in my appreciation for my gorgeous rose quartz wand and appreciate its perfect shape and sensuous curves. It really is a luxury item, an indulgence that I’m glad to have spoilt myself with and the more I use it, the fonder I grow. Being a crystal means you can cleanse and program it and that’s exactly what I have done. Now bathed in moonlight and attuned to a sacred vibration, I warm my wand in lukewarm water to take off the chill and in a moment of sublime inspiration, thought to glaze it in organic coconut oil before enjoying its natural sensual pulse.”

My experience with this tool is a little different than most, I am a transgender male. At the time writing this, I am six months into hormone replacement therapy and admittedly still grasping to find my place in a society that demands that my anatomy is feminine, despite my identity. I struggle with this, it causes, at times, great self loathing which should not happen. I am comfortable with my physical self, yet am still pulled by societal expectations. Months before I found Chakrubs, I was engaged in an intense spiritual experience where I found myself giving self pleasure using an (unsafe, and not particularly ideal) amethyst pillar. My body jolted awake, it was beautiful, but not enough.  Somehow I found my way to Chakrubs, where I lay eyes on the black onyx wand. I fell in love, I needed it. I dreamed about it, I felt everything in my mind and body pull me toward it. I recently was able to purchase it, and in the short time we have been together it has completely bonded itself to my body, moving me effortlessly over its gorgeously smooth and cool length, absorbing my heat and sending it back to me, and soothing me to sleep at the end of my nights. With it I don’t feel the self conscious pressure that most other sexual objects caused me in the past, instead I feel my masculinity surging, my spirit opening and releasing that tension and allowing me to fall into love with the body I have, and tenderly wiping the sleep from my third eye all at once. This is not a sex toy, or an object to be toyed with, these stones are metaphysical tools to be used to connect the physical self intensely to the spirit. Listen to your intuition and your body when you choose yours, allow yourself to fully open when you touch it to your skin, you will not regret it. I am so thankful for this gorgeous opportunity to connect with my self, without feeling shameful of exploring my anatomy as a trans male. I feel powerful with this wand, and honestly it hasn’t left my side since I got it in the post. Thank you so much.”

“I had never quite found a sex toy that fully aligned with me until I found the amazing Chakrub. While on a trip down to Southern California I was asked to do some modeling by a friend for Vanessa. The whole process was so personally sexually liberating.”

“As time went by and the electricity built in the room, I quickly transferred my energy over to my lover through the massager and let her take over. By the end of our session, I was thrilled to see my partner have an impressive rolling orgasm and become flush with a deep hunger in her eyes to return the favor - which, in turn, proved quite lovely for me. While our first experience was certainly intense and physical, I could not help but notice and appreciate a deeper, spiritual connection achieved by using this wonderful product.”

“It makes me feel more alive.”

“This crystal has changed my life and my relationships and I’m forever thankful. Has a gentle, trustworthy presence. It essentially has helped in all the ways listed in the description. Has helped with issues pertaining to the sacral and solar plexus chakras, self worth, pleasure, and has helped me heal deeply embedded issues from my childhood. Something new comes up every time I work with it (there’s something about having it inside of you that unravels and helps to release and heal a lot of deeply embedded trauma). This crystal has also helped me get in touch with sexuality that is balanced and rooted in real love. Great too if you’re dealing with trust issues. The quality is amazing and the package is put together with genuine love and care. I highly recommend this product, worth every penny. A great addition to any healing journey.”

“My adventure with my new black onyx chakrub has been absolutely amazing. I feel as if some deep internal blockage has started to move. Memories have come to light and I’ve been able to go back to some past events that I hadn’t fully dealt with, after many years I don’t think it’s coincidental that these things happened at the same time as my receiving my Chakrub began. On a sexual level, previously I could have vaginal orgasms but I would only ever ejaculate with my partner if I’d had some alcohol to relax me first. Despite wanting to, I’d never been able to make that happen just through my own connection, breathing etc. The first time I used the black onyx chakrub I held it on different parts of my body as I got into bed and then put it under my pillow as I was falling asleep. When I woke up in the early hours I held it again and drifted in and out of sleep with it, when I finally woke fully I began to use it and I had the most phenomenal vaginal orgasm and a lot of ejaculation. Since then I have been able to both ejaculate and have very deep vaginal orgasms almost every time! Not only that but I have started to reconnect with my female sexuality in a way that I haven’t felt for years; I’m basically more aroused and wet throughout the day and I feel as if parts of me that were closed have cracked open with new life. I know I still have a lot of work to do to get to where I want to be, but the Chakrub has without doubt been my best gift to myself in a very long time, possibly ever. I hope every woman finds herself looking at these and that every woman considering one just goes for it, we all deserve this! I really wasn’t sure when I first saw them but am so happy that I took this risk. Thank you!”

“It’s one of the few adult toys that combines the sacred earth elements with sex and pleasure.”

“Life-changing beauty, sacredness, and increased presence brought to the realms of self-loving. Thank you for what you offer to the world! So much gratitude.”

“The decision to buy a Chakrub certainly didn’t happen consciously, I just saw the one for me on the site and knew it was mine. After my fingers on the keyboard made the purchase, I read the “academia” section of the site and was hot with anticipation of receiving it. It arrived in a lovely cloth case with a most moving letter. It is, in a word…magic. It’s healing and personal, powerful and natural. I love how cold it can be and then hold so much heat. It is now truly mine, and has dethroned any previous toys, swiftly rendering them as heartless and silly plastic by comparison.”

“After orgasm, I didn’t feel tired or ashamed - rather, I felt like I had done something good for myself, and I took the crystal, and placed it on my chest to be near my heart (something I wouldn’t do with my vibrator). I again thought about my intentions. I  thought about my pastrelationship, I allowed the energy from the crystal to soothe my heart. I am on a journey to deeper love and it is only the beginning.

“The crystal immediately warmed up to me as I placed it on my heart chakra and began to state my intentions with her. It was a magical reaction, one that let me know that she had chosen me, I had not chosen her. The sensations felt upon her contact with my yoni cannot be described in words. It was Bliss. Freedom. Love. Life. Magic. She released my Divine Feminine. This is a sacred instrument, and I cherish her. I was transformed by the orgasm she helped me achieve, it was pure meditation, dare I say I got a peek at Nirvana? When I finished I did not feel used, or unfulfilled like I would with my traditional vibrators, instead I felt rejuvenated and aware, I felt full. My Goddess has been released, never to return to the depths of me where she once resided. She is free and therefore I am free. Much like her name “White Lotus” she was able to bring my inner Goddess up through the murky waters that is societal & religious implications on women’s sexuality, to bloom. To help me to help other women regain their Power. To accept and worship their Wombmanhood, to honor our Yoni spaces as the sacred realms that they are. If you’ve come upon this magical site, know it is not by chance. Know that it is time to let your Divine Feminine within free.”

“Chakrubs put me in a trance last night ahhhh...I stuck it on my window sill yesterday before I left so the moon charged it full of energy...my heart has awakened.”

“I just wanted to send an e-mail to thank you for the creation of Chakrubs. I am turning 20 this month & this year has been very difficult for me. As a 19 year old female, I felt alienated by my lack of sex drive. Your creation has changed this completely. I have been working with my black onyx ritualistically since I purchased it 2 months ago, which has opened up a whole array of new daily self-care practices & I am finally feeling like my true Goddess self. Thank you for spreading the message of self-love as it is one of the most important messages to be heard & understood. My journey of self-love is allowing me to more fully love others & life itself, and I can honestly say purchasing my chakrub was one of the initial elements that contributed to this shift of consciousness towards self-care & self love. And once this is mastered, everything else just seems to gently & peacefully fall into place. Thank you so much. I do not see it as a coincidence, I know I was meant to stumble across your product while aimlessly scrolling through Instagram (I follow rachel_roze). Thank you for doing what you do! You are a blessing.”

“Rewind to about... a year ago and some change. I was searching for toy alternatives online. I was sick of plastic/silicone vibrators that constantly break. Burning a $100 hole in my pocket every 6 months. I was also concerned about sticking certain materials in my body knowing I have a hormonal imbalance called PCOS. So I happened upon the Chakrub Instagram page and I just knew I needed the black obsidian! Mind you, I knew NOTHING about crystals at the time... I swear this gorgeous stone helped me heal years of sexual trauma that I wasn’t even aware of. During the first few months of getting to know my Chakrub I would cry and for no apparent reason. I had never experienced that kind of emotional release after orgasm before. Eventually those emotions cleared and slowly but surely It helped me build my self worth. Which was something that was never instilled in me. It helped me ground and balance... And eventually led me to my kundalini awakening. At the moment I’m abstinent and only use my wand in “ceremony” with myself and always have an intention. It’s been the most beautiful journey. It means a lot to me to have the confidence and balance within myself to refrain from sex till the right partner comes into my life. I went from being very sexually impulsive, with myself and others... to the strong, sensitive, healing goddess I am now —and realize I’ve always been! She was just locked away and frankly, scared navigating the waters of our culture. I tell every woman interested in healing their wombs to get one of these! They open the door to healing and remembering. I truly believe that! As women we have such incredible healing energy inside our bodies just waiting for us.. Go within.”