Talu - Xaga


A custom piece to get in touch with a lesser-known chakra called the Talu, located in the mouth. The Talu has two stainless steel chains, one connecting at the back of head and one on top, and is finished off with a pure crystal ball gag. This design gets you in touch with sacred discipline.

 The Talu II is a collaboration between Chakrubs and Affect Metals, with the original Talu concept designed by Vanessa Cuccia. Made with hard crystal and charged metal, this deeply meditative piece helps to ease reflection and encourage play. The delicacy of the hard, woven metal facilitates feelings of safety as well as exploration, while the crystal helps to ease communication before, during, and  after being gagged.

The gag ball is sculpted from pure black obsidian, a powerful protective and grounding crystal. Black obsidian can provide strength and support during difficult circumstances and reveal blocks that might be holding one back. It is able to absorb negative energy and release stress to improve emotional well-being. It is an excellent stone to keep during times of mental or physical stress or to heal from grief.  

The Chakrubs x Affect Metals crystal ball gag has an adjustable clasp. If you are in need of a size adjustment, please contact affectmetals@gmail.com. 

Please note: While this ball gag is able to be used during play, we recommend exercising caution due to the hard nature of the crystal. It can be utilized for meditation or for encouraging the exploration of erotic situations. it can also be worn as a necklace to empower, protect, and encourage clear communication.

May this chain empower and protect you.



Materials & Weight:

  • Ball: 100% natural obsidian crystal
  • Chain: Stainless steal
  • Weight: 0.5 lb
  • Diameter of Ball: 1.67 in
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Height 4.00
Weight 1.50 LBS
Depth 4.00


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