Chakrubs are proudly carried and represented by the following retailers:


United States

Intimates Adult Boutique: Naples, FL

Museum of Sex: NYC

Wyld Womyn: Beacon, NY

Naturally: Boise, ID

The Future: Minneapolis, MN

Modern Aphrodite Store: Santa Fe, NM

Stephanie's: Scottsdale, AZ

VaVaVooom: Asheville, NC

Spectrum Boutique: Detroit, MI

Queen City General Store: Denver, CO

The Velvet Lily: Philadelphia, PA

Shag: Brooklyn, NY

Wild Earth Healing Arts: St. Joseph, MO

Swoon: Bellevue, KY

Natural Feeling Spa And Boutique: Los Angeles, CA

Entice Me: Long Beach, CA

Camouflage: Santa Cruz, CA

The Pleasure Chest: NYC

The Pleasure Chest: Chicago, IL

The Pleasure Chest: Los Angeles, CA

Good Vibrations : Berkley, SF, Oakland, & Palo Alto, CA

Good Vibrations:  Brookline & Cambridge, MA

Babeland: Seattle, WA

Babeland: NYC (x3 locations)

The Shop at the Standard Hotel: Miami, FL

The Shop at the Standard Highline Hotel: NYC