Star Rose Quartz


The stone for deep self love and reassurance.  Rose Quartz is a lover that always receives us in tenderness. When the weight of the world has loaded itself upon our shoulders, and our life has become much less about ourselves and our well-being, when we have chosen to put others as a priority before ourselves, Rose Quartz will be waiting.  She understands that chaos of life and the currents we can get swept up in.  She understands how easy it is to lose those hours of sleep for work or family, to rush, to feel the resentment grow in your heart.  And always, she will receive you with care and compassion.  She is here to inspire a re-membrance, to teach you of self care and how putting ourselves first is the most generous gift we can offer others.  Reach for her when your heart is feeling especially tender.  Reach for her when you can't remember who you truly are.  She will always receive you.  She will remind you of the 

Rose Quartz opens up those areas within our hearts that may be blocked, hurt, misaligned, guarded, separate.  Rose Quartz acknowledges us, especially at those times when it hurts to acknowledge even ourselves.  She is ready to receive you, whenever you are willing to be received.

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Height 2.00
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