Standing Labradorite Scuplture


According to the legends of the Inuit people, labradorite fell from the frozen fire of the Aurora Borealis and that’s why its surface reflects iridescent blacks, blues, and silvers reminiscent of the night sky. Labradorite is a powerful protective stone that encourages one to explore the magic within. This gorgeous labradorite sculpture can be displayed as an interpretive art piece or placed upon your altar to invite intuition and self-discovery.


Labradorite can specifically assist with:

  • Enhancing intuitive abilities including clairvoyance

  • Recognizing and releasing negative traits, fears, and worries

  • Memory recollection

  • Stimulating the throat chakra

  • Protecting the aura and preventing energy leakage

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Height 6.00
Weight 2.50 LBS
Depth 1.00


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