Quartz with Pink Tourmaline

Quartz with Pink Tourmaline serves as a reminder to remain open. An open heart allows for all possibilities of love, joy, abundance, and prosperity.  An open heart is what makes our visions and dreams come forward.  If we are closed, then it will be harder for the universe to bring us all the goodness we desire.  And it is challenging to remain open, this is valid.  Heartbreak can be found in everyday moments, and bemuse of that, we may want to build walls around our hearts.  This is why Pink Tourmaline in Quartz is so valuable.  It gently opens our hearts, cleanses the heart space, releases all that no longer serves to be there, and allows us to tap into receptivity.
This stone allows for a renewed sense of excitement about life, creating an openness to experience all that this human life has to offer us.  If inspiration is what you're looking for, Quartz with Pink Tourmaline will help you find it.  She works hard to show us the magic of passion and compassion, and how those two truly work hand in hand. 
*size, shape, color varies due to the nature of the product. 
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Height 2.00
Weight 0.41 LBS
Depth 1.00


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