Mabel Bamboo Brief


Cuccia is an independent undergarment brand designed and operated by Rachel Cuccia. Each piece is thoughtfully created with a motive to stand out visually while maintaining the fundamental underwear needs such as flexibility, comfort and sustainable fabrics.


Cuccia's Mabel panty is made with a silky soft semitransparent light weight and ultra breathable material derived from sustainable bamboo, which is naturally organic. Their new French cut and full coverage shape is designed to be positioned up high on your waist while maintaining a beautiful Silhouette on your bottom.


Information & advantages of Bamboo Fibers include:
  • - Breathability & Naturally Antibacterial
  • -Super Soft and Silk like Smoothness that maintains after many washes
  • -It will keep you cooler in the summer
  • -Moisture & Breathability 3.5 times stronger than cotton
  • -UV Resistance (Bamboo Viscose fiber has 41.7 times more UV resistance than cotton)
  • -Bamboo Viscose fiber have natural antibacterial and bacteriostatic properties because bamboo has a unique substance, which is named "bamboo quinone", an anti odor and anti-bacteria function.
  • -Bamboo viscose fiber is first class in its deodorization adsorption due to its ultra- fine pore structure that eliminates odor and harmful substances found in the air. -This fabric was dyed with biodegradable and bio-based materials using a dope dye process which is low in carbon content and environmentally friendly.
  • -In addition, Bamboo Viscose fibers may be naturally degraded in soil, after decomposition without any pollution to the environment.



Machine wash safe
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