Green Moonstone Palmstone


Green Moonstone is a soft and feminine stone that resonates with the heart chakra. It teaches us that compassion begins within and helps us keep a tender, open heart, especially towards our shadow selves. All those versions of self that we choose not to look at, Green Moonstone is willing to receive with open arms. This crystal can specifically assist with:

  • Healing a tendency to self-sabotage or silence oneself 

  • Releasing self-judgments and restoring emotional balance 

  • Encouraging a sense of well-being

  • Enhancing passion, intuition, creativity, and other abilities

  • Connecting to the cyclical nature of life on earth

  • Enhancing intuitive gifts and sensitivities

  • Reminding one to prioritize self-care and be present for life

  • Helping one see the big picture and not get caught up in everyday drama 

  • Connecting to earth and lunar energies 

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Height 4.00
Weight 0.50 LBS
Depth 4.00


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