Green Aventurine Point #1


Green Aventurine is a stone for deep connection to the heart.  She is considered an abundance stone, because she allows us to always follow our heart's truest desires.  When we are in alignment with the heart, all doors open.  Lean on this stone when chaotic situations arise to maneuver through them with grace and ease.  She will remind us we know the way.  Green Aventurine acts as a clear pathway, a light leading us towards our wishes and goals.  When challenges and obstacles show up, Aventurine will always offer us another way.  It may not always be the way we assumed, but it will always get us to where our hearts want to go.  This stone will keep our hearts lifted and light while we traverse through life, allowing for easier transitions and growth.  


Origin: Brazil

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Height 5.00
Weight 0.89 LBS
Depth 2.00


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