Translating to “large penis” in Ancient Greek, Forrest was once a name reserved for those with a well-endowed trunk. This thick, sturdy piece
is phallic-shaped, symbolizing yang energy and fertility. Made from maplewood and dyed with rose, eucalyptus, ranunculus, and scabiosa, the Forrest features a thick, mushroom-like head for extra sensation and invokes a balanced, grounded energy.

The Forest Line is coated with Lubrosity®, an eco-conscious wooden pleasure line patentable finish, ensuring that each piece is silky-smooth, odorless, non-porous, hypoallergenic, and body-safe. The state-of-the-art glaze is compatible with all known lubricants and allows the naturally insulated wood to warm and retain body heat. The wood used for the Forest Line is a walnut and maple whose nickname is Rock Maple, and is being shaped at a facility in Long Island, New York.



Circumference: 5"

Shaft Width Measured Flat: 1.5"

Shaft Length: 5-6"

Total Length: 6.5-7.5"

Because these products are hand-carved and dyed, some variation is to be expected.

Arrives in a keepsake box.


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Height 4.00
Weight 1.00 LBS
Depth 4.00


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First off, I loved that my Forrest was packaged with sage and selenite to cleanse and attune. After sitting it on my altar overnight, I did a solo sex ritual and Wow! The Forrest is bigger than I expected it to be, especially around the head, but once I welcomed it into my body, I could feel every sensation and get a sense of how my insides felt. To say that the Forrest opened me up to even more intense pleasure is an understatement! There’s so much more I could say about it that is not PG...I love it so much!
Posted by Nadine Tribue, 1st Nov 2018