Citrine Point #1


Citrine is the stone of abundance, of creation and warmth.  Citrine is said to hold the energy of the sun within it, which is why it's creation properties are so powerful.  All creation stems from our sun.  Citrine also lifts our resonance very easily, making it easier for us to create the reality we so desire instead of getting caught up in any martyrdom.  When our frequency and resonance is high, our abilities to turn negative situations around are strengthened. Citrine also moves stagnant energies, creating more space to allow what we truly desire to come through.

Most of the Citrine you see out in the world is actually heated Amethyst.  This type of Citrine has a more orange hue. Energetically, it is very very different than natural Citrine. Natural Citrine has a much more gentle energy that works on many more levels than heated Citrine.


Origin: Brazil

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Height 4.00
Weight 0.92 LBS
Depth 2.00


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