When the tides of change are upon us, the unknown also lingers within its depths.  The two walk hand in hand, always.  And as we move through the unknown and traverse the sometimes bumpy waters of change, we can call upon our own inner wisdom, and gentle but resilient power, to pull us through to the other side with grace and ease.  Chrysocolla - the stone of communication, inner knowing, empowerment, and transformation - will come to us as a channel for that empowered wisdom within.  She offers us a direct and amplified connection to the Goddess, allowing us to feel her protection, strength and guidance well up within us.  Chrysocolla is not a stone to be taken lightly.  She is powerful in her ways, just as the Goddess is, and she will ask great things of you.  She will push you towards an empowered life, asking you to take your place among the divine and to always act with reverence towards self and all that is. This is a stone that will show you the path of self-responsibility, and she will expect you to walk down it with courage and grace.  Chrysocolla will bring us some of the greatest lessons of our life, with each lesson bringing us more truth, more wisdom, and more opportunities to strengthen our connection to the divine.  She will inspire expression of these personal lessons, asking us to speak what is on our hearts and divulge what lies within our minds. Communication offers us connection, and Chrysocolla always reminds us of this.  Reach for this stone when undergoing change, loss, grief of any kind, and when you are feeling the need for more support.  If you are wanting to explore channeled work or if you are offering guidance to others or self, Chrysocolla is the perfect ally to have by your side.  She assures words of truth, but always in love.

Stone energy channeled by Ashley Abbott of Mirror for the Moon.

As these are crystals from the earth, the color, size, and shape of the stone may vary slightly. These measurements are only approximate.


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