White Jade Testimonial

I received the Chakrub yesterday. I read the letter (yay, thank you for making me feel special and loved ^-^) and followed the tips enclosed. So here's my short account of the experience:

First I cleansed it as I would with any other crystal I receive, to clear any energies not mine so there is room for positive ones. I set my intentions to help me through this new venture so that I can learn to love myself, and to an extent, others who open my heart to love. I felt the connection forming as I did that.

Then I actually cleansed it with gentle soap and warm water. As simple of a task as washing, it was another experience that actually felt exciting. It was like giving a nice bath to another living being that needed TLC. I took my time doing so (and sort of got riled up hehe) and gently dried it with my special washcloth (which is soft and had a floral design). After a minute, I felt the intense warmness of the Charkub while holding it--which was incredible; I never thought a crystal could get that warm! But I had to wait a few hours before getting in touch with it... so I left it wrapped in the special cloth and placed it under my pillow for later.

Later came, and I was set to go. (I must note that I am still a "virgin"--only went as far as passionately kissing somebody--but I have some idea of how this intimacy thing goes. So I went by instinct on how to go about that...) I held it in my hands, just to get a feel of the texture and shape. I noted the slight dent, but that was fine with me; I embraced its blemishes. I placed it on my Heart Chakra and breathe a few times, focusing on harnessing my energy and intentions into the Chakrub.

According to the product description, White Jade filters distractions and relinquishes self-imposed limitations. I focused on manifesting that and allowed myself to work with the Chakrub in that way.

In short, I felt pure and light afterwards. Having this with me made all the difference on how I approached intimacy. Even though I only had it for one day, I felt less ashamed and less afraid. Before having this, when it came to self-gratification, I always had to imagine what it would be like to be with another person in order to feel intimate. But there was always this feeling of lack and loneliness during and afterwards, like it was pathetic for me to even do this...

But with the Chakrub (despite just having it for one day), I felt a release from the shame, fear, and self-disgust. After cleaning it (and myself ^^;), I embraced it like you would when cuddling with someone special. I was able to sleep peacefully, without any negative thoughts seeping into my subconscious. I woke up feeling this inner glow and welcoming myself to this new day.

Soo I want to thank you for this product and for having this mission to merge sexuality and spirituality. I look forward to more days/nights with my Chakrub. Hopefully, when I do eventually become intimate with another person, I will feel ready, open, and brave. Thank you for helping me on this journey.

Thank youuuu~!