The Chakra System

Have you ever felt "butterflies" in your stomach, had a "broken" heart, or belt arousal? These feelings are indicators of chakras. Chakra is a Sanskrit word used to describe energy centers that correlate to different vital points in the physical body. This idea was introduced in the Eighth-century by Buddhist Hevajra Tantra and Caryāgiti(1), and is still discussed, taught, and explored today. There are seven major Chakras, starting at the base of the spine up to the top of the head. Each one is associated with a color of the rainbow, starting with red at the base and ending with violet.

The Root Chakra (kundalini)

Color: Pale pink to deep blood red

Sensual Sound: Uh

Location: Base of Spine

Governs: Physical sensation, keeps us grounded, physical survival, instincts

Healthy: Good self-image, energy, stamina, confidence

Unhealthy: Insecure, all sexual stimulation in genitals, un-grounded, uncertain

The Sacral Chakra

Color: Pale peach to the deep orange of the sun

Sensual Sound: Oo

Location: 1-2 inches below navel

Governs: Reproduction, giving and receiving sexual pleasure,

Healthy: Connection to the self and others, sensual, fluid, emotional intelligence

Unhealthy: Guilty about sex, fearful, overly-sensitive

The Solar Plexus Chakra

Color: From pale yellow to deep gold

Sensual Sound: Oh

Location: slightly to the left above stomach

Governs: Sense of Personal Power, Fulfillment

Healthy: Connection to the self and others, sensual, fluid, emotional intelligence

Unhealthy: Guilty about sex, fearful, overly sensitive

The Heart Chakra

Color: Pale green through vibrant emerald to deep forest green

Sensual Sound: Ah

Location: Center of Chest

Governs: Connection between physical, emotional and physical, Love

Healthy: Compassionate, empathetic, able to surrender to sexual bliss, Unconditional love

Unhealthy: Conditional love, possessive, controlling

Throat Chakra

Color: Pale sky blue to deep royal blue

Sensual Sound: I (eye)

Location: Throat

Governs: Communication, Expression

Healthy: Articulate, Expressive, Present

Unhealthy: Arrogant, afraid of sex, timid

The Brow Chakra

Color: Indigo, Deep blue-purple

Sensual Sound: Ay

Location: Third Eye

Governs: Higher intuition

Healthy: Wise, Master of Self, Charismatic

Unhealthy: Manipulative

The Crown Chakra

Color: Soft lilac through lavender to deep purple

Sensual Sound: Ee

Location: Top of head

Governs: Spiritual attunement

Healthy: Spiritually connected, knowing without thought or reason

Unhealthy: Destructive sexual expression, depression

Life derives its liveliness from the vibrations of its energy wheels that are spinning with theirown rhythms to let vitality flow into and out of our sensation. Known as Chakras in Sanskrit,these wheels of energy are also the wheels of light that provide a path to awaken humanconsciousness. Chakras are the carriers of universal love, knowledge, and energy. Located along the spine, there are primarily 7 energy centers. The first chakra, called the root chakra,is located at the base of the spine, the second chakra, called the Sacral Chakra, is located inthe lower belly, the third chakra or the solar plexus chakra is located in the area just below thediaphragm, the fourth chakra is the heart chakra, the fifth chakra is located at the throat, thesixth chakra, also termed as the third eye, is situated between the eyebrows, and the seventhchakra is present at the top of the head and hence termed as the crown chakra. It is ratherinteresting to note that there are a hundred smaller secondary chakras, often called meridians,which are used to regulate the Chi flow during acupuncture. While the secondary energycenters are influenced by action and physicality, the primary chakras are governed by emotions and spirituality.

Think how your stomach responds when you feel uncomfortable or scared! This is actually your
chakra emotion that expresses itself in physical form. Each chakra vibrates with a different
frequency and is accustomed to a different color, symbol, and sound. A chakra, which is clear,
balanced, and energized, is able to play the most beautiful sound of its own, emanating its
accurate vibration independently. It is this accurate frequency of vibration that preserves life
and keeps us healthy. Poor chakra health prevents us from moving our physical, emotional,
and mental body to a spiritual level and in simple terms, it is responsible for major illnesses
and ailments. The chakras move out of balance and the energy imbalance transforms into the
physical form as we deny the call of our spirit and get stressed with the physicality of life. While
chakra blocks can slow you down with negativities in the form of fear, uncertainty, lack of self-
confidence, and depression, chakras that are too open can also produce undesirable outcomes.
The mantra that heals chakras and your overall physical and spiritual health is- Balance,
Balance, and Balance!

The flow of energy from the chakras is termed as Kundalini. Kundalini, the “coiled; serpent
power”, is the elemental cosmic energy and the creative potential in man. Kundalini is your
chaste desire, your self-knowledge, and self-realization that helps you identify the problems in
your chakras. Kundalini rises to nourish you with its power of purity, love, compassion, holiness,
auspiciousness, and enlightenment. It exists in everyone of us, but as our dormant aspirations.
Tantra worships the human body as a temple and sexual energy as the fuel for awakening and
this way, it assumes a unique spiritual path to attain higher consciousness. Your sexual energy
expands consciousness by moving it through the body’s energy centers. The energy body
undergoes refinement as consciousness moves through the chakras.

Sexual arousal leads to the activation of the Kundalini energy. The sexual feelings gain strength
as the Kundalini rises up the spine and moves towards the brain. Commonly, in most people,
the energy takes a reverse gear and moves downward to find release in the form of ejaculation.
When you relax and submit completely to the feelings, there will be an increase of slow
brain waves, the strength of which will determine the amount of orgasmic energy that you
can embrace in consciousness before it begins to move downward. Kundalini is the energy
circuit in the etheric body and hence, it rises during sexual stimulation to impact the etheric
body. Inability to stay relaxed may cause energy blockage ultimately leading to impotence.
Complete surrender signifies better access to the feelings and it enables the sexual energy to
rise and gain momentum. At this point, meditation can help you hold this energy at this level
of consciousness. Sex gets its divinity when it flows through the chakras to promote higher