"Do Chakrubs Work!?"

Every time I am asked this question, I smile. I so look forward to opening this conversation and offering my perspective. I have never been asked this question by a woman, but many men ask this question. Sometimes it has the vibe of, “are you replacing my penis?” to it, other times it’s legitimate w
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6 Ways to Honor Your Pleasure During Masturbation Month

Once upon a time our ancestors recognized the connect between self-pleasure and the divine. You can see proof of this going in prehistoric rock paintings all over the world. The ancient Egyptians believed that a god named Atun created the universe by masturbating to ejaculation and the ancient Greek
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An Introduction to Sex Magic with Chakrubs

It’s no secret that sexual energy can be potent. How many times has it convinced us to pursue an ill-advised lover, or resulted in out-of-character behavior? With sex magic, we can learn to take control of that energy and use it in purposeful ways.To put it simply, sex magic occurs when one harnesse
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