5 Keys to Healing From Sexual Shame

As we learn to embrace the dark side of our desires and the fetishes we might not fully understand, Chakrubs’ Shadow Line helps us honor these parts of ourselves so that we may begin to release the shame society inflicts upon us. Often passed down from childhood, that shame is stored deep within our
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An Introduction to Sex Magic with Chakrubs

It’s no secret that sexual energy can be potent. How many times has it convinced us to pursue an ill-advised lover, or resulted in out-of-character behavior? With sex magic, we can learn to take control of that energy and use it in purposeful ways.To put it simply, sex magic occurs when one harnesse
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About Crystals

Love is the driving force of life and crystals are love stones. They are powerful expressions of love and passion- gently romantic or strongly erotic! They can help heal broken hearts and foster healthy relationships. Crystals have the power to heal and protect the heart chakra, increase empathy, ea
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