An Introduction to Sex Magic with Chakrubs

It’s no secret that sexual energy can be potent. How many times has it convinced us to pursue an ill-advised lover, or resulted in out-of-character behavior? With sex magic, we can learn to take control of that energy and use it in purposeful ways.To put it simply, sex magic occurs when one harnesse
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The Chakra System

Have you ever felt "butterflies" in your stomach, had a "broken" heart, or belt arousal? These feelings are indicators of chakras. Chakra is a Sanskrit word used to describe energy centers that correlate to different vital points in the physical body. This idea was introduced in the Eighth-century b
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The Sacral Chakrub: Cultivate the lust!

Vanessa’s Sacral Chakrub is a “must have” for creating the ultimate, all-day lustful experience.Lust is an emotion that stays with us only for a certain period of time. Some are more lust minded than others but we all have that “dirty feeling” that we love, hope it last, but quickly vanishes after o
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