Summon with Sex Magic on the Scorpio New Moon

On Wednesday, November 7 at 8:02 AM PT, the moon will rebirth itself in Scorpio. At the same time, Jupiter, the massive planet of expansion, will traverse the final degrees of Scorpio, preparing to enter Sagittarius. And not too long ago, a retrograde Venus was moving through Scorpio, which it will return to by the year’s end. Suffice to say, we’ve become quite familiar with Scorpio’s intensity.

One of my favorite astrologers Jessica Lanyadoo recently spoke about the “morphic field,” which she describes as the collective energy that pervades when masses of people are feeling the same thing. Many of us are experiencing fear or anxiety that we cannot pinpoint the source of, that might feel outside of us, even though we are very much affected by it. The new moon in Scorpio asks us to identify the forces dragging us down and create boundaries to preserve our buoyancy.

Scorpio is the fixed water sign that calls itself expert in all things trans: transmutation, transformation, transfiguration, transmission, transcendence. Rooted in Latin, this prefix means “across,” “beyond,” or “through.” With a sharp attention to detail and fierce commitment to truth, Scorpio acts as a bridge, providing support as we undergo change.

Scorpio gravitates towards that which helps us inhabit wholeness. It sees how concepts of sex, death, and power have been distorted and helps rectify our understanding. This new moon is an invitation to bathe in Scorpio’s regenerative waters, to call back our power so that we may consciously enact our will in the world.

Self-pleasure can be a deeply empowering, inspiring, and informative act. It reaffirms our ability to make ourselves feel good. It awakens imagination and brings fantasies to life. It provides evolving wisdom about what excites and thrills us.


Time commitment: ~20 minutes

This ritual can be done anywhere private where you will not be disturbed, such as a bed or a bathtub.

Begin by cleansing and preparing your space. Imagine that it is an altar and that you will be the centerpiece. You might light candles and place them at each corner to call in the four directions. You might use flower petals and crystals to bring forward certain energies.

I recommend performing this ritual nude, as a symbol of your receptivity.

Once you are ready, begin to settle into the space. Notice the energy that is taking shape. Take a few centering breaths and allow your mind to clear.

Next, check in with your body. Identify any tension and consciously release it.

Let an intention, or a wish, come to mind. What would it be like to realize this dream? Imagine it in detail. How will it look? How will it feel? What kind of changes will it bring?

Take your time building arousal. Gently caress your fingers along your earlobes and neck, lick and suck your fingers as if you are a dessert worth savoring. Stroke your collarbone and tickle your armpit, paying attention to the sensations that follow. Trace your nipples and massage your breasts. Notice what makes your pulse quicken and linger there.

As you approach your genitals, be sure to give attention to your thighs and buttocks. Experiment with different degrees of pressure to see what feels best.

Keep your intention close as pleasure builds. Imagine it in more detail. Feel the ecstasy of bringing your desire into being.

Define what climax means to you. As you approach a peak in pleasurable energy, continue visualizing your intention. Speak it aloud as if it has already occurred. Chant it like a sacred prayer.

Afterwards, allow yourself a few moments to bask in the center of your altar. If you’re up to it, you can journal about what you hope to manifest for this moon cycle and outline a plan.

Doing this ritual throughout the moon cycle, which ends on December 5, will strengthen your spell. For added potency, repeat this ritual on November 15 for the waxing quarter moon in Aquarius, on November 22 for the full moon in Gemini, on November 29 for the waning quarter moon in Virgo, and on December 5 during the dark moon. Each of these dates represents a pivotal point in the moon’s cycle and will demonstrate to the universe that you are committed to bringing your intention forward.