Six Ways to Enliven Your Senses Under the Taurus New Moon

Today is a day of many great shifts. At 4:49am PST, the moon renewed itself in the sensual sign of Taurus and was joined just a few hours later at 8:23am PST by Uranus, the planet of revolution. Uranus spends approximately 7-8 years in each sign, breaking new ground and heralding great change. While Uranus was in Aries we saw our relationship to personhood and individuality transform. We became familiar with new identities and learned how to honor them alongside our own. Later this year, Uranus will retrograde back into Aries, providing a sort of final thesis on these lessons. For now, Taurus’ move into Uranus invites us to examine our value systems, relationship to money, how we earn, and the health of our physical bodies in relation to Mother Earth.

By now many of us are aware of the potency of setting intentions under the new moon, which represents rebirth, opportunity, and fresh starts. It’s an ideal time for launching new projects or restructuring your life in some way. Although the new moon will change signs and move into Gemini at 1:43pm PST, the sun, Uranus, and Mercury will remain in Taurus, providing an abundance of earth energy to help us root into our deepest wants and needs.IMAGES BY CARLOTA GUERRERO

Here are six ways help you tune into the senses and inspire your new moon intentions:


We spend so much time looking at screens that it’s easy to forget how much inspiration and creativity can be found simply by appreciating the beauty all around us. Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus and as such, is a lover of beauty, decadence, and pleasure. Engage your sense of sight by immersing yourself in nature and take note of its subtleties. You might like to catch a sunrise or sunset, meditating as our solar leader rises or dips in the horizon. Perhaps you take a garden stroll, noting which flowers are in bloom and the different birds and butterflies that flock to them. You might even exercise your peripheral vision and see what you notice out the corner of your eyes. 


Many of us listen to ambient noise to fall asleep or meditate, but how often do we notice the background sounds in our everyday lives? Take out your headphones for an afternoon and pay attention to the bird calls, rustling leaves, and distant sounds of traffic that create a symphony unique to your ears. You might make it a game, trying to identify far-away sounds and noticing how they change as they draw near. On a person-to-person level, you may pay more attention to the nuances behind people’s words, the emotions that you might not otherwise notice because you’re too busy worrying about your response. If you’re in the mood for music, check out the first installment of Chakrubs’ monthly playlist, which covers everything from meditation music to dance and will surely excite your eardrums. 


It’s still Masturbation Month and if there’s any sign that enjoys indulging in gratuitous self-pleasure, it’s probably Taurus. I invite you to engage your sense of taste by sampling your own essence. In general, it’s a good idea to have some awareness of what your natural taste is so that you can more easily identify when your pH balance or something else is off, but eating vaginal discharge and semen also has numerous health benefits. Vaginal fluid contains probiotics that can elevate your mood and improve digestion. Semen contains melatonin, a chemical that encourages relaxation and sleep. In addition, one teaspoon of semen contains over 200 proteins and several helpful vitamins and minerals including vitamin C, calcium, chlorine, citric acid, fructose, lactic acid, magnesium, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, vitamin B12 and zinc. Although the amounts of each vitamin will vary based on the person, there is typically about 3 percent of your recommended daily value of zinc in a single teaspoon of semen. 


Our bodies hold a massive amount of data that can impact our health, well-being, and so much more, but we often operate on autopilot, rarely paying attention until we experience outright pain or discomfort. Even when we do masturbate, we often focus exclusively on our nether regions with a specific goal of reaching orgasm. For your next self-pleasure session, take your time exploring your physical vessel and pay attention to the subtle sensations that arise. Begin at your head (perhaps with a scalp massage or brushing your hair) and make your way down, noticing where you’re holding tension and consciously releasing it. You might try some sensation play with a feather or rose, and notice how that feels against your skin. If you have a Chakrub, you can use it as a massage tool during this exercise. Remind yourself how each body part serves you and thank your body for supporting you. 

S M E L L 

The sense of smell may not be as sexy as touch or taste, but it has a surprisingly significant impact on our behavior and overall health. Our sense of smell and taste interact to provide flavors when we eat -- try holding your nose during your next meal and you’ll immediately notice the flavors dull. Many scientists believe that smell and memory are directly linked, and have noticed loss of smell as one of the first symptoms in degenerative neurological diseases such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. You can engage this sense simply by noticing when you normally would not. Take a walk around your neighborhood and notice what smells are most prevalent. We tend to respond most strongly to scents that offend us or threaten our safety on an instinctual level, such as urine, decomposing food or trash, and pollution. But what about the more delicate scents around us? Spring is in the air, and if we pay attention, we may pick up scents of roses, gardenias, or jasmine, depending on where we live. You might also experiment with aromatherapy, perhaps diffusing essential oils in your home, putting a few drops in your bathtub, or dabbing it on your wrists to see what feelings they bring up.

I N T U I T I O N 

The sixth sense, one that we often forget about, is the deep sense of knowing that exists within us all. Intuition is not a gift, but a birthright that we can all tap into and strengthen through conscious intention. You can treat it like a game, attempting to predict things based on your gut instincts, like how long you’ll sit in traffic during your commute. You can also try conjuring up a friend or loved one by thinking about them and seeing if it influences them to reach out. One activity that I enjoy, especially around the new moon, is writing future diary entries. I’ll pick a date in the future and then write about that day as though it just happened, including details about where I am, what I did, the good things happening in my life, and the people I’m enjoying them with. This visualization exercise allows me to focus on my goals in a more concrete manner and it’s fun to look back and see which predictions came true.