October Chakrubscopes & Descending into the Depths of Fall

As our days gradually shorten and nature sheds its greenery for the muted tones of fall, so too must we prepare for a turning inward and a time when the focus shifts from doing to being.

October offers plenty of astrological opportunities to reflect on these seasonal changes, the first being Venus Retrograde on October 5. Venus is the planet of love, beauty, and value, and when it is retrograde we find ourselves grappling with these themes on an internal level. This particular retrograde promises to be even more intense as Venus moves through Scorpio, the sign of its detriment. In Scorpio, Venus is pushed outside of its comfort zone, exposed with vulnerability, and taken to depths unknown. Outside of a brief return to Libra, Venus will be transiting Scorpio for the rest of the year. This work asks us to find the beauty in our scars and empowerment in what we’ve been taught to be ashamed of. It unveils the unsightly so that we might envision a more harmonious future.

A new moon in Libra offers some relief on October 8, asking us to pay extra attention to how we relate to one another and the strength of our bonds. I’ve spoken in the past about Libra’s correlation with the Major Arcana card Justice, but what you might not know is that the year 2018 is also associated with this card. When you add 2+0+1+8 you get 11, which is the number of the Justice card. This explains why we’ve seen themes of fairness and equality dominate headlines all year and why they may feel even more exaggerated this Libra season. The new moon in Libra is a good time to consider how you show up for your loved ones and whether that energy is being repricrocated. As we begin our descent into winter, it is even more important that we feel nourished by those close to us. Identify who is draining your energy and be willing to step away if a relationship is no longer productive.

On October 23, the sun moves into the murky waters of Scorpio. Whereas Libra seeks to apply Justice fairly, Scorpio is not afraid to burn structures to the ground. Ruled by Mars and Pluto, Scorpio is driven to question power and comfortable traversing underworlds in its quest for truth. Activities to help you harness Scorpio energy include hosting a seance, experimenting with power play dynamics in the bedroom, and adventure sports like bungee jumping or off-roading.

A full moon in Taurus on October 24 gently nudges you to reinhabit your body and check in with your needs. Sometimes the world can overwhelm and our most effective coping mechanism is to withdraw and disassociate. We may not always consciously recognize that is what we are doing and so it is helpful to intentionally set aside some time to return to yourself. Allow your body time to process and honor your natural rhythms. Taurus is a very sensual sign and you might consider a self-pleasure ritual to encourage the flow of stagnant energy.

October ends with Halloween or Hallow’s Eve, a day in which the veil between worlds is thin and we might reach out to the other side for guidance.

Chakrubscopes are a unique take on horoscopes that blend tarot, astrology, crystal healing and self-care. Please read your sun, rising, and moon signs if you know them.

Written by Danielle Dorsey of Tarotviews using the Dark Days Tarot deck. Images used courtesy of Wren McCurdo, Dark Days Tarot artist and witch.


Four of Swords

Few are likely to be feeling this month’s influx of energies more than you, dear Libra. The Four of Swords suggests you may be feeling trapped or attacked, vulnerable to the unknown forces coming your way. This is why it’s even more important you for you to find stability where you can and remain committed to the practices that keep you grounded. As much of a social butterfly as you tend to be, it’s really important to check in with yourself to avoid overextension. Your birthday has either just passed or is on its way; take time to consider the lessons of the last year and what you hope to manifest in the months to come.

Support stone: Celestite will provide levity and a sense of safety as you move forward.

Affirmation: There is no greater retreat than the one that takes place within.


King of Wands

You have an eye for detail and this skill assists you in manipulating energies to your advantage. The King of Wands knows how to use their resources, however meager they may appear, and so too are you learning to capitalize on your unique gifts. This card suggests that you have quite a bit of power at your disposal. With Venus in your sign and the sun soon to follow (not to mention Jupiter, the great gaseous planet that loves to expand and exaggerate), there’s a lot of potential for manifestation, all it takes is a strong will and focus from you.

Support stone: Citrine will help you hone in on your desires and attract abundance.

Affirmation: As my influence expands so too does my sense of responsibility.


Queen of Wands

You’re known for being impulsive and adventurous, fiery Sagittarius, but the Queen of Wands wants you to slow down to cultivate your magic in a more intentional manner. Perhaps you are learning to wield your sensual energy or finding the power of your words. Whatever the case may be, don’t rush this new phase of your becoming, let it be luxurious and inspirational. Notice what becomes available to you when you consciously create with the world around you.

Support stone: Chrysocolla is a transformative stone that will strengthen your connection to the divine.

Affirmation: If my life is a painting, then I take my time blending my palette just so.


Eight of Cups

You typically don’t much patience for feelings, but the Eight of Cups shows that you are evolving in your approach and learning to hold space for and value emotional insights. This is a new journey for you and at times it may feel like too much to bear. Understand that occasional overwhelm is part of the process and that by acknowledging your discomfort, you allow it to pass through you that much more quickly. Honoring your emotional tides is no small or easy task; be proud of yourself for having the courage to be vulnerable.

Support stone: Moonstone will help you honor your inner phases.

Affirmation: I am willing to climb both the peaks and the valleys of my emotional terrain.


The Fool

The Fool is asking you to relish in the unknown, to find humor in your trips, stumbles, and falls, and to know that they are all apart of your divinely guided journey. Keep an open mind and remove assumptions about the future. We never know what the day has in store and that is a truth that should excite and enliven us, not keep us living small. Treat each moment like an adventure, regardless of how routine it may seem on the surface. If you look for surprises and synchronicities, I promise you will find them in the place where you least expect to.

Support stone: Lepidolite will help you release anxieties about the unknown.

Affirmation: I leap into the unknown, knowing that my fall will dictate how I land.


Two of Swords

You’re known for being a dreamer and there’s nothing wrong with that, but the Two of Swords wants you to cut through illusions and seek clarity of mind. You may be facing a choice and in order to feel confident in your decision you should remove unnecessary distractions that cloud your judgement. The truth isn’t always so easy to recognize and it’s up to you to create an environment within yourself that fosters balance and invites wisdom

Support stone: Azurite will provide clarity and activate your intuition.

Affirmation: I thoroughly inspect all grey areas before moving towards black or white.


Knight of Wands

How far can your vision extend? The Knight of Wands assures that any dream can be realized and lends you its fiery energy as motivation and support. Now is the time to be generous in your hopes for the future and keep your eye on the prize. Your journey may be ambitious and at times intimidating, but you must remain confident in your path. Find ways to ground when life threatens to overwhelm and look for the lesson when faced with difficult moments.

Support stone: Girasol will foster presence so that you are present for the journey.

Affirmation: The wind under my wings provides momentum, but it is I who determines the direction.



An appearance from the Major Arcana card Justice indicates that karma is working in your life. You may experience a loss of balance as the scales tip and struggle to right themselves. If you have bore malicious thoughts or acted dishonorably, now is the time to seek redemption. This might mean apologizing to a friend or bearing your heart in your journal. If someone has acted unfavorably towards you, now is the time to surrender control and trust that everything will work itself out in the end. It is not your job to punish someone else for their bad deeds or even to judge whether what they have done is right or wrong.

Support stone: Nirvana quartz will help you rise above the bull sh*t.

Affirmation: Every action elicits an appropriate reaction and so I infuse intention into everything I do.


Ace of Pentacles

If anyone can produce an object out of thin air, it’s you whimsical Gemini. You have the gift of a quick, agile mind, which combined with action and faith, can take you quite far. The Ace of Pentacles suggests that a physical gift is making its way to you. Instead of doubting or feeling yourself unworthy, think of how you can create space for it and what shape you’d like it to take. This might involve spoken affirmations, visualizations, or writing down what you hope to manifest. The mind is a powerful thing and you’ll be surprised what it can help you bring to fruition.

Support stone: Polychrome jasper will recognize you realize your unseen abilities.

Affirmation: When I become clear on my personal definition of wealth I’m able to draw it towards myself with more ease.


Page of Cups

Heart forward with cup raised, the Page of Cups is a messenger of love. You share some qualities with this card, such as your nurturing nature and emotional intuitiveness, but whereas this mermaid is eager to be swept by the unknown currents of the feeling realm, you have a tendency towards comfort and familiarity. Can you become curious about what direction your emotions are leading you in? Can you trust that the riptides will pass and seek to understand why they’re pulling you under? Opportunities await if you can brave these turbulent swells.

Support stone: Quartz with pink tourmaline will help you keep an open heart.

Affirmation: I allow myself to drift, trusting the tide to bring me back in.


Six of Wands

The Six of Wands is a card that you should feel comfortable with, dazzling Leo. It suggests that you are blooming in some way and that the world is rightly taking notice. Perhaps you’re kicking ass at work or preparing to launch an important project. The Six of Wands acknowledges your hard work and encourages you to bask in this moment of admiration. Try to do so without egotism and let this boost of confidence guide your work moving forward.

Support stone: An ancient stone of royalty, lapis lazuli will help you witness your own divinity.

Affirmation: Attention is fleeting, but what I have created has roots that will continue to grow.


Ten of Wands

You’ve set yourself on a formidable journey and the finish line is finally in view. Ironically, this is when most of us lose confidence or give up. The hurdles seem too much to bear after all that you’ve traversed and you worry about what life will be like once you’ve successfully scaled this mountain. Your view of the world will be undoubtedly different and you’ll be saddled with a new set of responsibilities that you weren’t ready for before. Hold tight to the reasons why you set off on this path and know that you are capable of handling anything that comes your way. Remind yourself that you can always reach into your backpack full of wands if ever you’re in need of assistance.

Support stone: Iolite will shift your perspective to see the opportunities in your new responsibilities.

Affirmation: My drive and determination are magical instruments that I can wield at any time.