November Chakrubscopes & Withdrawing into Warmth

According to the ancient mythologies that illustrate our seasons, Persephone is still new in her underworld journey with several months until she emerges with Spring. Nature has shed its skin in mourning of its queen and we are encouraged to do the same, to release that which we’ve outgrown and build a cocoon to protect from winter’s cold. It is natural to withdraw, to spend more time in stillness and contemplation as the wheel of the year approaches its end.

A new moon in Scorpio arrives on November 7, the day after the United States’ midterm elections. For the first two years of his presidency, Trump has been committed to stripping the disenfranchised of their rights, hoping to disempower us into paralyzation. Regardless of the election results, this new moon is an invitation to witness our fears and reclaim our power. Scorpio is the sign that heralds transformation and rebirth; it knows that we cannot rebuild unless we are willing to witness destruction.

The great gas giant of Jupiter moves into its home sign of Sagittarius on November 8, lending optimism and inventive thought to our endeavors for the next year. Jupiter in Sagittarius encourages us to dream expansively and color outside of the lines, but be wary of overindulgence and other extremes.

If Venus retrograde has been putting you through the ringer, you might find some relief as the planet of love, beauty, and value has temporarily left Scorpio and will spend this month traversing through its home sign of Libra. This is the perfect time to review and reassess as Mercury will turn retrograde in Sagittarius on November 16, the same day that Venus goes direct.

The sun moves into Sagittarius on Thanksgiving Day, the same day as a Gemini Full Moon. These opposing energies are far from boring, but could elicit newfound understanding if all parties are willing to listen. If your family unit is not willing to engage respectfully, try to find circles where you are appreciated and heard.

Chakrubscopes are a unique blend of tarot, astrology, self-care, and crystal healing wisdom. Please read your sun, rising, and moon signs if you know them.

Images used courtesy of Wren McCurdo, Dark Days Tarot creator and witch


Ace of Swords

You revel in secrets and can spend hours excavating for the truth. Human nature is your favorite subject and you rarely find yourself surprised by our ape-like impulses. Some might call you morbid or pessimistic, but what they don’t realize is that this constant quest for knowledge serves a higher purpose. You are gathering clarity and insight so that you can move more confidently on your path, so that you’ll no longer cast a second look at what once caused you to stray. Keep your eye on the prize and trust that you are gaining distance.

Support stone: Chyrsocolla helps you become a channel for inner knowing and wisdom.

Affirmation: My mind is a blade capable of carving my greatest imaginings.


The Tower

Lightning has struck and the form that once existed will never be the same. You have every right to mourn this destruction, but do not let your grief keep you stuck. Be brave enough to gaze upon the rubble and see its potential. This work is daunting, which is even more reason to be intentional as you plant a new foundation. Embrace your natural creativity and think expansively about how you will rebuild.

Support stone: Red jasper hearts provide stability and ground you in appreciation for what is.

Affirmation: I allow myself to find beauty in the mayhem, stillness amongst the chaos.


The Emperor

You thrive on productivity and order, but rarely do you take time to recognize or appreciate all that you hard work has earned you. Take a moment to survey the entirety of your kingdom and take pride in what you’ve built. Indulge in your authority while giving gratitude to every experience that helped form this independence. Gaze out upon your goals and release the weight of failure. Reaffirm yourself as capable and begin to plan your next conquest.

Support stone: Sunstone invites optimism and helps combat feelings of lack.

Affirmation: My potential is a well with waters neverending.


The Fool

Perhaps instead of seeking routine, it is better to recognize the newness of each day, to seek out surprises and disruptions. What if you regarded the world with the eyes of a newborn babe? How would it feel to watch colors come into view, your surroundings gaining vibrancy with each passing day? This wonder can be yours. Throw your predictions out the window and let yourself delight in the unknown.

Support stone: Lepidolite is a cleansing stone that will renew your perspective.

Affirmation: I cleanse myself of expectations and revel in absurdity.


The Wheel

We never know how fate will resurrect itself in our lives. Sometimes we do everything according to plan and the result is still not what we hoped for. Sometimes we make several attempts before life aggressively steers us in a new direction. Acknowledge the truth of this moment and know that truth is subject to change. Comfort your bruised ego and commit to following the map of your soul.

Support stone: Citrine raises your vibration and helps you co-create with the universe.

Affirmation: I find a point of axis to return to while the wheel spins.


Five of Swords

You cannot shortcut pain on the road to healing. There are a labyrinth of ways to arrive at wholeness, but there is only way out is through. Everything that has accumulated on this journey must be acknowledged and processed. The shadows you deny will reappear at the most inconvenient moment, demanding to be seen. Next time they confront you, try turning around to face them. Instead of being defensive, reach out with compassion.

Support stone: Quartz is a master healing stone that shifts its energies to work for you.

Affirmation: I drop my swords and embrace my shadows with acceptance.


King of Pentacles

The King of Pentacles could be seen as Taurus in their highest expression. The King of Pentacles reassures one of their capacity to build a physical kingdom. You’ve spent years memorizing this soil, tending to it, and patiently harvesting it, now is the time to review your bounty and decide how you will distribute it. This is a card that asks you to step into the responsibility of reciprocity. How will you wield your magic to uplift others? What would it be like if we all lived like kings?

Support stone: Ocean jasper will balance polarizing energies to help you live harmoniously.

Affirmation: The more I share with others, the more my capacity for abundance grows.


Knight of Pentacles

Your dreams are gaining vibrancy as you tune into your soul’s desires. Do what you can to remain inspired as you bravely pursue goals. Squash self-doubt with relentless affirmations and visualizations of what you hope to manifest. Take concrete action that brings you closer to realization. Get grounded in the “Why?” behind your motivations so you don’t lose steam.

Support stone: Green aventurine puts you in alignment with the heart chakra.Affirmation: Persistence is a vow that I renew daily in my quest for fulfillment.


Ten of Wands

Magic is in the air, my Cancerian friend. To put it more plainly, your magic is in the air. You’ve done the work of raising, developing, and learning the depths of your power. Now you’re approaching a threshold that takes you decisively from intermediate to advanced. Celebrate your accomplishments, but don’t think they make you better than anyone else. Remember that with each promotion comes a new set of responsibilities.

Support stone: Moonstone connects you with divine wisdom, helping you act with intention.

Affirmation: Listening to my intuition keeps me one step ahead.


The Lovers

You love to be admired, but are you willing to witness yourself in your entirety? Can you look in the mirror and bless every part of yourself, inside and out? We all have aspects of ourselves that we’d prefer to keep hidden. The Lovers challenge you to gently unearth and soothe these places. Once you’ve mastered being your own Lover, it becomes easier to express your wants and needs.

Support stone: Rose quartz opens the heart center to help you access love.

Affirmation: I possess the courage to see and love myself as I am.


Nine of Pentacles

Sometimes the system needs to be broken in order to operate more efficiently. Often we have to leave our comfort zone in order to step into a better reality. Instead of pining over what once was, create a plan for how this new phase will be executed. Understand that any discomfort is temporary and continue doing your work. Recognize lucky coincidences as affirmations that you’re on the right path.

Support stone: Rhodonite lends a loving and grounded perspective.

Affirmation: I’m patient in my visualizations, letting every detail come into view.



Balance is not something that we should scramble for, but strive to be in rhythm with. Life is bound to fluctuate; sometimes with positive energy, other times with despair. Being present with each moment helps us move more gracefully from one to the next. We won’t always get it right, but we can hold space for our slip ups and celebrate our recoveries.

Support stone: Selenite will align your chakras and cleanse your space of unwanted energy.

Affirmation: Life pulls in different directions so I do my best to stay centered.