March Crystals Of The Month

Crystals of the Month is a monthly Chakrubs installation of hand-picked crystals for the month of March. Crystals are aligned with the energy that each month is offering, and we encourage you to use these crystals to guide you through any sort of self-reflection or healing that may be happening.

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When the tides of change are upon us, the unknown also lingers within its depths. The two walk hand in hand, always. And as we move through the unknown and traverse the sometimes bumpy waters of change, we can call upon our own inner wisdom, and gentle but resilient power, to pull us through to the other side with grace and ease. Chrysocolla - the stone of communication, inner knowing, empowerment, and transformation - will come to us as a channel for that empowered wisdom within. She offers us a direct and amplified connection to the Goddess, allowing us to feel her protection, strength and guidance well up within us. Chrysocolla is not a stone to be taken lightly. She is powerful in her ways, just as the Goddess is, and she will ask great things of you. She will push you towards an empowered life, asking you to take your place among the divine and to always act with reverence towards self and all that is. This is a stone that will show you the path of self-responsibility, and she will expect you to walk down it with courage and grace. Chrysocolla will bring us some of the greatest lessons of our life, with each lesson bringing us more truth, more wisdom, and more opportunities to strengthen our connection to the divine. She will inspire expression of these personal lessons, asking us to speak what is on our hearts and divulge what lies within our minds. Communication offers us connection, and Chrysocolla always reminds us of this. Reach for this stone when undergoing change, loss, grief of any kind, and when you are feeling the need for more support. If you are wanting to explore channeled work or if you are offering guidance to others or self, Chrysocolla is the perfect ally to have by your side. She assures words of truth, but always in love.


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The sweet and gentle energy of Girasol is the ultimate gateway of transformation. She teaches us that change doesn’t always have to be ugly or painful, but it can be done in grace too. You see, Girasol is in the midst of her own transformation, she is a Quartz on her way to becoming Opal. If she were given some more time in the proper conditions, she would Opalize to fullness. But that is not the reason she is here. Instead, she is here to teach us of breath, pause, slowness, and acceptance. She is here to teach us of the in-between. We are often so eager to get to where we are going that we miss the journey. We forget to take a moment to truly feel what it is to be alive, to experience, to dream and to create. And ultimately, it hurts us when we take these beautiful lessons for granted. Girasol is here to remind us to always search for the softness within those moments of unknown, to always find the beauty within the pause. She asks us to sit with our fears, our dismantled systems, and our beliefs as they change, and maybe even crumble before us, and do nothing else but be with it. And even when we want to shy away from the growing pains of change and expansion, Girasol asks us to welcome them in with open arms and a warm heart. As we move through these times of deep transformation, we may reach for our usual crutches, escaping what may be coming up for us, but I invite you to really lean into the uncomfortable feelings during this phase, but always with gentleness. You may discover another level of understanding of yourself, your purpose here, and the ways you can be of service. You may also find that certain illusions you had been playing into will begin to unveil, leading to an inner knowing beyond what you’ve experience before. Girasol is the stone to reach for when doing this work, she will be an ever-present guide through the winds of change.

O C E A N   J A S P E R

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Ocean Jasper is a stone of deep transformation and change. She works with a slow and steady pace, allowing us to explore the vast seas of the soul. Ocean Jasper is an amazing ally to lean on when experiencing these life shifts, allowing us to remain rooted in the present with a clear and positive outlook instead of attaching negative stories around our current reality. She removes worry from the heart and anxiety from the mind. When working with Ocean Jasper, change can begin to take place at a cellular level, allowing us to release deeply formed ancestral contracts and karmic ties. This leads to a complete shift in one’s reality and brings forth a new-found freedom. She also loosens our ties to anxiety driven or self destructive behaviors that can often be an addictive escape. She brings us back to our center, soothing the emotional body and aligning us with the spiritual self.

P E A C H   M O O N S T O N E

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Peach Moonstone is a stone abundant with feminine energy, offering us clear emotional awareness, creativity and receptivity. During this watery Pisces season, filled with tender hearts and the unknown, Peach Moonstone can offer us her gentle encouragement and guidance. She is deeply connected to the moon and all of the feminine power that comes with it. Her lessons are vast and far reaching; teaching us of cycles, change, creation, and of receiving. Peach Moonstone offers such a beautiful healing of the heart as well, allowing us to honor ourselves and our process with such fullness. She invites us to heal any repressions of self-love, self-worth, and self-acceptance. When tendencies of self deprecation, or negative self talk, begin to emerge, reach for a Peach Moonstone to inspire self nurturance. She encourages us to shift our perception towards focusing on the divine that lies within.

With the oncoming of Spring underway, Peach Moonstone will inspire a heart-centered and gentle creative push. She subtly aligns the heart chakra with the sacral chakra, bringing forth a loving and fertile environment for any creative endeavor to blossom. While other Moonstones reside in the upper chakras Peach Moonstone provides a soft grounded energy, connecting us to the higher realms while still keeping our feet firmly planted on the earth. Physically, Peach Moonstone can help soothe PMS and bring rhythm back to our cycles.