March Chakrubscopes and a Double Dose of Full Moon Magic

The month of March begins with a bang with a full Moon in the nurturing earth sign of Virgo on March 1 at 4:51pm PST. Take this as an invitation to ground some of the emotions that may have surfaced during Pisces season. What practical steps can you take towards healing? In tarot, Virgo is associated with the Crone, a major arcana card that invites us to seek knowledge from within. Set aside some time to honor this archetype -- perhaps take a social media break or enjoy a lazy night in. Virgo rules the digestive system, so consider a ritual that begins with a cleansing tea. On a broader scope, think about what you digest on a regular basis, from mass media to your immediate environment. Does what you consume vitalize you or weigh you down?

A new moon in Pisces arrives on March 17, St. Patrick’s Day. The highest expression of Pisces invokes effortless creativity, sharpened intuition, and universe-trekking dreams. Its lower expression tempts us to overindulge, numb ourselves, or become our feelings. You can imagine how a debaucherous drinking holiday like St. Patrick’s Day could exacerbate Pisces’ lower qualities, so consume carefully. Better yet, skip the madness and organize a lowkey new moon gathering with friends.

As we blaze towards the astrological new year AKA Aries season on March 21, Jupiter and Mercury both station retrograde, encouraging us to move forward mindfully. Jupiter has been traversing through Scorpio since October, expanding our understanding of power, sex, death, and rebirth. During this planet’s four month retrograde from March 9 through July 10, we’ll be called to explore these aspects on an internal level. The first Mercury Retrograde of 2018 begins on March 22nd and lasts through April 15, tax day in America. Mercury is the messenger of our solar system and when it goes retrograde, communication and technology go haywire. I highly recommend filing your taxes before then.

Finally, March ends with another full moon in the harmonious air sign of Libra. With two full moons, two retrograde planets, Daylight Savings time (for those of us in the U.S), and a change of season, it’s sure to be a busy month. The Libra full moon on March 31 is the perfect excuse to put your worries aside and have some fun with loved ones.

Chakrubscopes are a unique take on horoscopes that blend tarot, astrology, crystal healing and self-care. Please read your sun, rising, and moon signs if you know them.

Readings are written by Danielle Dorsey of Tarotviews using the Dark Days Tarot deck. Images used courtesy of Wren McCurdo, Dark Days Tarot artist and witch.

Pisces - Three of Wands

The Three of Wands is an invitation to tap into the power of collective energy. The new moon in your sign on March 17 makes it an auspicious time for meeting potential collaborators and planting seeds of intention. Rebel against the common narrative that it’s every man for himself and embrace connection. Know that when you come together with the right individuals, magic is inevitable.

Self-care homework: Host a vision board party and see where your goals overlap with your friends.

Support stone: Use pyrite to inspire creativity and build connections.

Aries - Ace of Cups

Unlike the rest of the world, you didn’t get the cue to take a break during February. Consider this Ace of Cups a strong nudge to wade into the feeling realm and discover what lies beneath your drive for success. It’s easy to become so fixated on your goal that you forget the “Why?” part of the equation. Figure out why you’re the person to deliver this gift to the world. Approach your feelings with the curiosity of a child and use them to clarify your path.

Self-care homework: Meditate for 10 minutes with your legs up the wall and pay attention to the feelings that arise as blood flows to your heart.

Support stone: Ocean Jasper will gently guide unresolved emotional issues to the surface while facilitating healing.

Taurus - Knight of Swords

Use caution as you charge ahead, Taurean bull. The Knight of Swords is an ambitious, at times overeager figure, who frequently gets ahead of himself. He’s full of ideas, but has trouble maintaining the focus to properly execute them. Make sure you give your projects the attention they deserve and try to limit distractions. Instead, tap into this Knight’s creative problem-solving abilities by giving each task your full attention.

Support stone: Shiva lingam will lends grounding, masculine energy to connect you with your creative potential.

Self-care homework: Write out at least 10 encouraging notes and keep them nearby to glance at whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Gemini - Strength

There is no greater confidence than inner knowing. You are learning to show up for yourself, as yourself, and that’s no small task. Strength acknowledges your recent soul growth and the endurance you’ve built by standing your ground. It might feel like you’re up against a lion, but know that no challenge will arise that you are not capable of conquering.

Self-care homework: Meditate for 10 minutes and visualize yourself conquering something that you’ve previously struggled with. Imagine how you’ll feel afterwards and consider what strategies you’d use. Journal afterwards about what came up.

Support stone: Carnelian offers protection and will help you reclaim your personal power.

Cancer - Three of Swords

Often when doing shadow or deep soul work, we excavate forgotten wounds that never fully healed. Perhaps there’s some piece of perspective that’s asking to be reset. Tune into your empathic Cancerian nature and experience the intense feelings that birth transformational healing. As you do this, you will gain clarity on what pain is living in the wounds you keep reopening and how to heal them for good.

Self-care homework: Meditate for 10 minutes and do a thorough body scan, bringing awareness to each part of your body and identifying where pain and tension lives. As you encounter unpleasant sensations, try to consciously release tension from that area of the body.

Support stone: Peach moonstone will bring you closer to your planetary ruler and restore emotional balance with its soothing energies.

Leo - Queen of Cups

Loving with a wild heart is scary business, but that’s what lends you your feline courage, Leo. You weathered the turbulent seas of your emotional body and now that waters have calmed, you can see with greater clarity than ever before. Spend the month of March strengthening the connection between mind, body, and soul. Tame your fiery impulses and learn to find stillness even when chaos surrounds you.

Self-care homework: Perfect your bedtime ritual to encourage more vibrant dreams. Keep a journal and write down your dreams first thing when you wake up.

Support stone: Amethyst will connect you to divine guidance and soothe you with its calming energy.

Virgo - Hierophant

Traditionally associated with cardinal earth sign Taurus, the Hierophant represents the traditions and institutions that support our core beliefs. It could be a religion, political party, or higher education -- the Hierophant wants you to find the social structures that feel like home. What traditions resonate with you? In what ways can you dive deeper into your personal belief system? A full moon in your sign on the first of the month is the perfect opportunity to tackle these questions.

Self-care homework: Think about what true belonging means to you. Which groups or settings give you the strongest sense of belonging? Write down which groups you feel most and least comfortable around. Set an intention to spend more time with the group that you feel aligns most strongly with your values.

Support stone: Green aventurine is a lucky stone that will invite the heart to weigh in with compassionate analysis.

Libra - Three of Pentacles

The Three of Pentacles is here to remind you of the value of your work. You’re a social sign that thrives off of cohesion and cooperation, but sometimes your personal passions get pushed to the side. This card wants you to understand that you provide an integral piece of the puzzle and that by underrating your contributions, you don’t just harm yourself, but everyone involved. Begin to acknowledge how your vision upholds the big picture.

Self-care homework: Use the Libra full moon at the end of the month as an excuse to celebrate your (approximate) half-birthday and organize a get-together with friends. Spend some time talking about what you’ve been working on and how you can support each other’s dreams.

Support stone: Chrysocolla is a stone of communication that will inspire you to speak your truth.

Scorpio - Two of Wands

The Two of Wands seeks to stoke the flame of an initial spark of inspiration. Perhaps you have an idea or project that you’re not sure how to manifest yet. Combining inherited wisdom, universal guidance and learned knowledge will illuminate the path forward and allow you to make truly informed decisions. With Jupiter retrograding through your sign for several months, it might not be the best time to act on those decisions. Focus instead on learning to recognize your internal voice of reason. When it comes time to act, you’ll be able to do so confidently with the full support of the universe.

Self-care homework: Jupiter moved into Scorpio right around your last solar return. Now that’s it’s stationing retrograde, spend some time journaling about how your beliefs towards life, death, sex, and power have evolved in that time.

Support stone: Use girasol to encourage optimism and restore emotional balance. Its gentle energies will guide you towards divine wisdom.

Sagittarius - Two of Pentacles

The Two of Pentacles sees your potential and wants you to update your processes to allow for more light-hearted play. How well do you juggle all of the responsibilities in your life? Do you stress out about getting everything done on time? No one is asking you to adhere to specific systems (we all know conformity is not your thing), but that doesn’t mean you should dismiss them all together. See what tweaks you can make to your schedule to bring you into better alignment with your natural flow.

Self-care ritual: Spend 10 minutes fantasizing about what the perfect work day would be like. What time would you wake up and how many hours would you work? Would you work in an office or outside? Don’t be afraid to get into the details. Afterwards, plan your next work day and try to incorporate at least a few things from your visualization.

Support stone: The highly adaptable energy of quartz makes it the perfect stone to program with intentions.

Capricorn - Five of Cups

The next time you feel the urge to contract, to draw into yourself, take a moment and pause instead. Sometimes your practicality takes the form of pessimism, but the Five of Cups wants you to shift your outlook and remember that hope springs eternal. Try being generous in your assumptions, accept that your outlook is only one perspective and that truth is not a fixed phenomenon. As you heal old wounds, consider opening yourself up to the possibility of alternative mindsets and allow a new ending to unfold.

Support stone: Keep the ultimate love stone rose quartz nearby to help you tune into the feeling realm.

Self-care ritual: Prove to yourself how full your life is by writing a list of everything that fills your cup. What nourishes you? What brings peace when you’re in pain? Send out a prayer of gratitude for everything you write down.

Aquarius - Page of Cups

The waters of inspiration are flowing; don’t just dip your toes in, plunge in head first. The hopeful Page of Cups is happy to swim in the freeflow of emotions knowing that they are fluid and constantly in motion. She does not dwell on any feeling, but reflects on its lesson before continuing on. The Page of Cups reminds us that creativity is as much about the heart as it is the head. Release your vice grip on the mind and see how tuning into the heart space can increase your capacity for invention.

Self-care: What is the message that your soul is aching to share with the world? Meditate on this question for 10 minutes. Then free write for 5 minutes about the unique ways in which you plan to deliver that message.

Support stone: Rhodonite clears negative energy and balances masculine and feminine energies.