June Crystals of the Month

June crystals of the month brought to you by Ashley Abbot.

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Nirvana Quartz, a stone for true self acceptance. She is found high in the Himalayas, and is a fairly new stone in the world. Nirvana Quartz brings us to higher states of being, and meditative states, even as we live our daily lives. When working with her during meditation, she will offer a graceful gateway towards reaching consistently deeper states, and maybe we will even touch that blissful state of Nirvana. The inner silence this stone provides allows an awareness unlike any other - an awareness without judgement or need of understanding. She shows us the freedom in just simply being. And that translates to all aspects of ourselves and our lives. There is an inner acceptance and trusting of self that is gained when working with this stone, and we often will see our truest selves in compassion and wonder, without expectation or demand. Nirvana Quartz invites us to release our expectations of "the way things should be" and instead look upon the world with curiosity. Her essence shows us the beauty in that sort of freedom.

This stone is from India.


The ultimate cleansing and clearing stone, Blue Kyanite assists us with maintaining an environment and spirit cleared of any negative, stagnant, or unwanted energy. This particular batch of High Grade Blue Kyanite is a deep and rich blue color, offering a much more soulful touch than other flavors of this stone. Kyanite is a magical stone that has the ability to clear and align all chakra points while moving any heaviness found in the body. She can also cleanse the energy in a space, as well as other crystals. You can place her next to other crystals and she will do her work. This is a great stone to have on hand when doing any healing work with stones, either on yourself or others, as many crystals do tend to soak up our energy. As our physical and spiritual bodies are restored, we may notice a new sense of self responsibility and honesty begin to emerge. Things we may have been hiding from ourselves will begin to see light, expanding our expression of who we are and bringing greater depths to our spiritual selves. Blue Kyanite is also a useful throat chakra stone, allowing us to speak life into our truth.

This stone is from Brazil.


Hiddenite is considered a Green Kunzite, making it a stone with a deep and powerful resonance of love. Pink Kunzite is a stone for receiving Divine Love - the highest frequency of love there is. This makes Hiddenite a stone for grounding that Divine Love within our being, accessing it for use within our own relationships. This is not limited to relationships among people, but can also be used for relationships with past and future selves, energies, moments, experiences, and emotions. Her intention is to always move us forward evolutionary. She wants to see us grow and expand, both personally and collectively. She inspires us to do better, and to do more - without being pushy or demanding. Her connection to mother earth may bring forth a new commitment towards protecting this earthly plane. Her connection to the Divine brings forth a new commitment to our spiritual growth. If speaking your truth and expressing your truest emotions has been a challenge for you, Hiddenite is a lovely ally to lean into. Her sweet demeanor brings us a sense of safety when speaking up.

This stone is from Brazil.