Guide to Yoni Eggs

Brief History: 

Yoni is a sanskrit word for ‘sacred temple’ in reference to vaginas. Yoni eggs have been used for over 2,000 years. Jade eggs are the original yoni egg, traditionally stemming from Chinese tradition. Jade was considered a sacred stone reserved solely for those considered royalty, or for the emperor’s concubines.

Women utilized these eggs to strengthen their feminine sexual prowess along with the physical strength and tightness of their yoni. It was believed that with a powerful, healthful vagina that health, beauty, and life span would be at their maximum potential.



Yoni Eggs come in various size but typically are small, medium, or large. Currently we offer the most popular medium-sized eggs. Sizes can slightly vary due to their individual creation out of pure crystal.

Which Stone?

The beauty of this question is that the answer lives within you. Which stone calls to you? Sometimes I like to choose crystals (for any purpose) based solely on my intuition, even without knowing the crystals ‘purpose’ or benefits. We feel drawn to certain crystals for a reason even if we don’t know why or what the crystal will have an affect on. There is no harm in knowing what a crystal is good for and choosing that way either. It all comes back to intuition and which crystal feels right for you. Intuition is key. You may also talk to your womb and ask her for guidance.

  • Obsidian: The protective stone. Shields against negativity, transmutes negative energy, increases self-control, connects mind and emotions, aids in manifestation,
  • The Rose Bud: Made of rose quartz, known as ‘The Love Crystal,’ enhances and encourages unconditional love, compassion, peace, tenderness, and emotional wellness and healing. It dissolves fear, pain, sadness, and resentment. It can aid in healing trauma and melt away blockages in the heart chakra.

Find more in-depth descriptions here.

Bonding With Your Crystal

Crystals are like tiny earth computers. They store information. In this sense, as they are somewhat alive, your yoni egg will work with you on how long it wants to be with you per session.

  • When you first receive your egg, bathe it in salt water. You can use pink Himalayan salt for high vibration and purification. Bring the water to a boil and then let it cool. After it’s somewhat cooled, immerse your egg into the water for up to five minutes. Don’t do this every time you cleanse it, however, because the crystal can lose some it’s properties and damage the egg. You do want to sterilize it before insertion. Some add ACV to their water with a cotton ball or gauze (many years ago some would cleanse it in some brandy or vodka).
  • You don’t have to and potentially shouldn’t insert your egg right away, although you should do what feels right for you. Spend a few hours or days with your crystal. However long you feel you need to bond with it as it absorbs your energy and gets to know you. Sometimes we can bond with a crystal right away and feel the love. That’s wonderful, but also you can take your time in the process and not rush usage, despite how excited you may be. This is a divine union and connection as your egg is going to be part of you. Take your time, get to know it, let it get to know you. It will absorb and transmute your energy.
  • Before insertion, but you can do this any time from receiving it until insertion, bless it and set your intentions. Go into your sacred space, reflect on what you wish to change, heal, grow, etc. You can write these intentions down and read them aloud to it.
  • While you ‘wear’ your egg, although you can do exercises for physical purposes, the wonderful beauty of yoni eggs is the internal and emotional transformation they can provide. Holding a crystal in your purse, next to your bed, in your pocket is also wonderful, but now that it is IN your body, there is a more unique bond happening. It is now a part of you and with your womb as well.
    • Our wombs, like crystals, store information. Wombs also carry experiences, relationships, people, memories, other people’s information, even trauma. Your yoni egg can assist with various womb work and help transmute all that no longer serves you. Your yoni egg can also enhance any work you do with moon cycles and various womb work and healing.
  • Yoni Eggs should go into our womb space comfortably and most likely will, especially if you stay relaxed. When it comes to insertion, you want to definitely be relaxed and let your yoni ‘sip’ it up, in a way. Don’t force it inside but allow it to find it’s way inside. You won’t feel it the entire time, and you definitely won’t have to flex the whole time either to hold it in.
  • It’s recommended that you stay with your yoni egg as long as you feel you need to, or until she leaves you, or you have evolved and no longer need that specific crystal.
  • A large purpose in yoni eggs is to build a strong pelvic foundation.
  • You will have many ‘sessions’ with your yoni egg. Length of time and how often will be up to the both of you and will vary. They stay in as long as they are meant to. You can even sleep with it inside of you and have sex.
  • Do not force it to come out, it probably won’t work, especially since you may not be relaxed if you’re ‘forcing.’ Your crystal, being ‘alive’ in a sense, will decide how long it feels it is necessary to be with you. When it decides to leave (yes, unfortunately sometimes they decide to leave in a public toilet. Thank heavens for soap.), cleanse it--physically and metaphysically. Sage, salt bath in warm water, even if it only fell out into your underwear and not dirty toilet water. Gross, we know, but this is the reality of bonding with our yoni egg.

Self love is the root of everything. Love yourself for making the choice to heal through yoni eggs. It’s not a necessity per se or for everyone, but it is a journey that once you’ve decided to commit to, you will be rewarded.


You can use your yoni egg for physical exercises in addition to crystal healing. Using your egg for kegels will help reduce menstrual cramps and can tighten muscles. You can even grow new nerve endings and your sexual pleasure will certainly be enhanced as well as the intensity/number of orgasms. You don’t have to do specific exercises to receive these benefits from your yoni egg, but are more likely to have these specific effects with exercise. Do what feels good and right for you, and make sure you don’t overdo it. You can overwork the vagina muscles and have the opposite effect.

Kegels have been practiced by humans for over 6,000 years. In ancient tradition, it is believed that the strong pelvic floor intensifies prana, aka ‘life force’ energy. The first Indian yogis and ancient Romans did similar exercises. As you perform kegel exercises and build that strength from the ‘floor’ up, you are cultivating powerful inner goddess and godly energy. If you do yoga, this probably sounds familiar, as when you pull energy from the ground through your feet.

These exercises do not only benefit women, as men also have pelvic floors! It can improve overall sexual function, maintain prostate health, and provide more intense climaxes.

Different exercises you can do:

  • Kegel Exercises – the simple flex and push of your vaginal muscles. Don’t strain too hard!
  • Yoni Breathing – this involves kegel exercises, but as you flex in, breathe in. As you release, breathe out. Repeat as desired.


Warm salt water baths and/or sage for energetic cleansing. You can use unscented castile soap such as Dr. Bronner’s. After use, you can simply rinse under warm water, unless it falls into the toilet. You may also put your egg in the sun and moonlight to charge, or during moon cycle rituals.