Going the Distance on the Sagittarius New Moon

On Thursday, December 6 at 11:20 pm PT, the moon will renew itself in Sagittarius, the mutable fire sign symbolized by the archer. The archer represents this sign’s long vision and ability to bring far-off goals into reality. As the last new moon of 2018, how we choose to work with this energy will reverberate in the months to come. It is an invitation to get grandiose in our ideas and brutally honest about whether we’re following the direction of our dreams.

Joining this new moon in Sagittarius is Jupiter, one of the great gas giants of our galaxy. Jupiter spends about a year in each sign, where it exaggerates and expands upon related themes. Up until November Jupiter was moving through Scorpio, drawing attention to our secrets, power dynamics, and dramatic transitions. Now that Jupiter has returned to its domicile sign of Sagittarius, we can look forward to an influx of inspiration and good luck. One caution that comes with this transit is to beware of overindulgence in all forms. Jupiter amplifies whatever energy comes its way and untended bad habits could grow more severe under this transit. A steady awareness can help stifle inappropriate reactions.

Sagittarius rules the hips and thighs, which is where many people unconsciously store stress and trauma. For the new moon in Sagittarius, I offer a walking meditation exercise that will help you release blockages while decoding the compass of your desires.

Note: If a walking meditation is unavailable to you, I invite you to alter this ritual to fit your needs. For example, if you use a wheelchair, you might focus on how your hands feel against the wheels or the different ways in which you steer your vehicle.

Time commitment: 20 minutes

Get dressed in comfortable walking clothes and shoes. You may choose to wander around your neighborhood, go on a moderate hike, or walk the shoreline. The most important thing is that you find a place where you will not be overly distracted by people, traffic, or sounds. I recommend wearing headphones and playing relaxing, meditative music throughout this exercise.

As you begin walking, take note of the different sensations in your body. Fix your posture by pretending that you are walking with a book on your head. Relax your shoulders and keep your gaze soft looking a few feet in front of you.

Notice what the ground feels like underneath you and let yourself be supported by its gravitational pull. Give gratitude to your ankles, knees, and joints for their cooperation. Imagine yourself as a baby, struggling to walk, but still committed after each fall. Think of how far you’ve come and how effortless this once impossible activity has become.

In broad terms, consider where you are going in life. You can start with the obvious: where are your feet currently taking you? Perhaps to the top of a hill, the end of a street, the edge of a pier. Then think beyond that. Where will you go tomorrow and the day after that? What goals are your actions in service of?

Begin to visualize 2019. What are your greatest hopes and expectations for the new year? Fantasize walking into the rooms you wish to enter, the planes you hope you board, and pressing the gas pedal on a car that’s been programmed to take you to your most anticipated destination.

Acknowledge any fears that creep in and try to trace them to their source. Perhaps you’re afraid to dream big because you have disparaging family members who try to minimize your worth. Maybe you fear instability as you embark on a new journey. Imagine yourself walking right past these “What if’s” and leaving your doubts in the dust. Get creative as you picture yourself successfully leaping over every perceived hurdle standing in your way.

Consider your support system. Do you have any partners, romantic, business, or otherwise, who are helping to manifest your vision? Imagine them walking beside you. Call upon the wisdom of your ancestors and guides and know that they are taking this journey with you.

When you are finished, journal any significant insights that arose during your walk and settle on an intention to guide your actions for the rest of the year. Outline three to five steps you can take to stay on course.

Image is by Eva Zar of The Aradia from the Chakrubs Forest Line