Getting in Right Relationship on the Libra New Moon

On Monday, October 8, our skies will darken as the sun and moon align in the cardinal air sign of Libra. Libra is ruled by Venus, the small, quick-moving planet that glows in our galaxy like a pink star, radiating love and beauty. The goddess that the planet Venus is named after is called upon for love spells and matters of the heart, but in reality she rules relationships of all types. This Libra new moon comes just a few days after its home planet Venus turns retrograde in Scorpio, the sign of its detriment.

During Venus’ retrograde journey, we will be invited to transform the ways in which we relate to ourselves, one another, and this planet we call home. Today In America, it is Indigenous Peoples Day, a recent recognition that takes credit away from Christopher Columbus and acknowledges the people and histories that preceded his brutal invasion of the United States. For many years we collectively denied this violence, allowing for the uneven distribution of power to continue. Learning our nation’s true history helps foster compassion for what Indigenous people have suffered through and motivates us to support them as they continue fighting for the land and resources that are rightfully theirs. This is how the scales of justice will eventually find balance. We must be willing to listen and believe each other’s stories. We must uplift the voices that have been systematically ignored. No longer are we able to skulk in the shadows, passing the baton of responsibility in hopes that karma never catches up. Venus Retrograde in Scorpio is forcing us to witness the pain dealt by our hands and asking what will be the breaking point that elicits real change.

New moons occur at the beginning of the moon’s 28-day cycle and represent a potent time for setting fresh intentions and shifting behaviors. They are an opportunity to reflect on the past and decide what must change as we move forward. This is the only time each month when the sun and the moon meet in the same astrological sign, helping us harness related qualities with more ease. The new moon in Libra on October 8, is a moment when we can take note of how we are showing up for our relationships and figure out the best ways to keep them healthy.

The most important relationship you have is with yourself, but it’s easy to operate on autopilot, rarely checking in as to whether you are truly happy or fulfilled. The relationship we have with ourselves is mirrored in all of our interactions and when we take the time to meet our needs, we find it easier to show up for others. An easy way to take stock of your connection to self is to take inventory of your actions over the last week or two. How much sleep have you been getting? Are you drinking enough water and eating enough fruits and vegetables? How much quiet time are you taking away from phone, computer, and TV screens? How much time have you spent outside and how active are you being? As you answer these questions, consider how these habits might influence your other relationships. For example, if you have been eating an excess of fast food, perhaps you have produced more non-recyclable waste than you normally do, which will impact your relationship with Mother Earth. Perhaps you’ve been spending too much time in front of your phone and had an inappropriate reaction to a text message that would not have occurred had you taken the time to meet in person. The point of this exercise is not to judge yourself, but to notice the subtle ways your relationship with self is reflected outwards.

Next, consider your close relationships, which could range from familial to romantic to platonic. How are you showing up for each other? Is an equal amount of energy being given from both sides? If not, consider why that might be. It’s easy to get defensive and create distance, but remember that we live in tumultuous times and each of us are coping in our own ways. Remember what drew you to this person to begin with and reach out from a place of love and understanding to see if you can amend the bonds that were broken. If reconciliation is not possible, let them go with love, acknowledging that you’ve served your purpose on each other’s healing journeys. If your friendships are thriving, now is the time to express gratitude for their place in your life.

Finally, consider how you show up for your community and society at large. Do you know your neighbors and could they come to you if they were in need? Who are your council members and what initiatives are they working towards? In honor of Indigenous Peoples Day, you might research the land you live on and which tribes it belonged to before it was colonized. As you uncover these answers you can see where your help is needed and the best ways to get involved.

Your relationships can also reveal your strengths, which can help you determine which types of activism are best suited to you. Are you the mother hen of your friend group, always making sure everyone is cared for and offering a bed to those in need? Perhaps donating your time to a soup kitchen or collecting clothes for the homeless is a good option for you. Or maybe you’re the one who takes on the impossible task of figuring out a date for friends to meet and organizing gatherings. In that case, you might be skilled at organizing a beach clean up or collecting signatures for ballot initiatives. There are countless ways to be of service, it’s just a matter of identifying your strengths and passions.

We all get off-track from time to time, but this new moon in Libra is a chance for us to realign so that we can move together towards a more harmonious future.