February Crystals of the Month

Chakrubs is excited to announce yet another monthly installation - Crystals of the Month! Each crystal is hand picked to correlate with the energy of the coming month. It is a guide designed to help you find support, strength, guidance, and healing as needed through the particular crystal energy. Or, you can simply use the crystals as totems to support your growth and goals.

All crystals will be available in the Chakrubs shop (see Accessories section!)


February is calling for us to go deeper now, to expand our perceptions and open ourselves up to new realities and new truths. We are stripping away. We are exploring the layers of the soul, with each new layer containing new wisdom. This work is raw, real, and ever-expanding. This is a life long journey, or lifetime long journeys; the journey of the soul. We are slowly rediscovering who we are, as individuals and as a collective, and what it really means to be living this life, right now. What work are we here to do? Who are we to become? How can we serve ourselves and our community?

As we traverse these questions and explore the journey of Self it’s important to have support and care - an ally, a tool, medicine, a deeply rooted anchor keeping us connected and protected. Polychrome Jasper offers us all of this and more. Her healing comes to us as an elemental force, allowing us to tap into the infinite energy of the earth and all of her wisdom. She is a nurturer, beautiful and true. And as we really explore who we are, with all the highs and lows, the light and dark, it is easy for our emotional bodies to become fatigued. Polychrome Jasper offers us a space for nourishment as we begin to unpack our experiences and versions of self, uncovering the core of who we are. She is a protector, compassionate mother, healer, mentor, and wise woman - all for you, as you continue on your journey. Let her guide you, as she opens you up to the expansive experience of the soul.

Find Polychrome Jasper here


To assist us with this month’s urge towards a deeper truth and a more real version of Self, we can lean on the cooling waters of Aquamarine. Aquamarine is a Goddess stone, feminine in all ways and deeply connected to the flowing waters of the unconscious. She is a stone that offers us deep work and even deeper medicine. February is planning to stir our unconscious mind, bringing emotions and experiences to the surface for us to process and unpack. We have been carrying so much, and we don’t need to anymore, nor should we want to. This month offers an amazing opportunity to reflect on those experiences, feelings, belief systems, contracts, and cords that are beginning to feel heavy, or may have felt heavy for quite some time. What are they? How have they served you thus far? Why are they no longer serving you? These are the questions you will want to examine this month, and Aquamarine is the tool to assist with this exploration. Bringing our unconscious - reactive - tendencies to the forefront, she will allow us to truly see and process these areas with a calm and collected emotional body. Aquamarine is a stone of truth and courage, and walking this path of processing and release truly requires both. So lean on her, ask for her help, and let the energy of the Goddess embrace you.

Find Aquamarine here


Rose Quartz, an undeniable ally of the heart and soul, a stone for enhancing relational love. She is a stone often seen and found, and her accessibility is something we can all be thankful for. With her beauty and grace so abundant, it is no wonder this stone is seen as a stone of love. But what is love? It is not the Valentine’s Day we see in this day and age. Love is something much more real, much more true. It is what truly protects us from even the darkest moments. Let’s love ourselves more this month. As we traverse this month’s experiences and get closer to a less masked version of ourselves, it’s important to always remember the love, especially with ourselves, our bodies, and our experiences. Rose Quartz reminds us of the ways we can love ourselves. She reminds us to ask for what we need. She reminds us that the weight of the world does not belong on our shoulders, and we do not need to carry it any longer. Rose Quartz is truly a stone for coming home. She shows us that we are not alone, even when it may feel that way. There is no separation with her. Our energies and hers blend as one.

These particular Rose Quartz pieces are Star Rose Quartz, the highest quality of Rose Quartz in the mineral kingdom. These pieces each of subtleties to their energies, making them a joy to explore and grow with. Lay these pieces on the heart to shield from unnecessary belief systems that inhibit our love and to gain a deeper intimacy with ourselves and the stone.

Find Star Rose Quartz here


The expansive energy of 2018 is with us in fullness now, and she is begging us to create a deeper opening for ourselves, deeper than ever before. She is asking us to lift the rawness of our being to the surface, to full view, for all to see. This month is for us, for Self, not for becoming the most real version of ourselves, but for letting go of the “versions” altogether. This month is about holding the contradictions of life in the palm of our hands. It’s about honoring each version of who you are without judgement or resistance, and not necessarily gratitude either. But rather, complete comfortability. This is a time for self love and self acceptance, even beyond what we think of when we hear those words.

The masks we place upon ourselves and others are wanting to be stripped away. We no longer need these tools to feel safe. This is a challenging transition for most, and one that will need to be a continual practice, which is why it is always useful to lean on mineral medicine for support. This month, the energy and vibrancy of Green Moonstone is ready to receive you. Green Moonstone is the feminine heart encapsulated in crystal form. She is full and ever-expanding, and she may be tender at times, but her soft and gentle touch never leaves us. She is the essence of compassion. And where does compassion begin if not with ourselves? Green Moonstone teaches us the importance of having a gentle and kind heart towards ourselves, especially our shadow selves. All those versions of self that we choose not to look at, Green Moonstone is willing to receive with open arms. Those arms of hers will catch anything you throw at her. Your tendencies towards self sabotage, your desire to silence your dreams, even the way you chew too loudly - she can handle it all, with purity and grace. There will be no trace of judgement when you meet her. She will only ask for a willingness from you, a willingness to take a loving glance upon your true self and see what you find. Lean into the tenderness of Green Moonstone this month, as she will always bring the love back in, back to the beginning, back to you.

Find Green Moonstone here