Chakrub Together

I received this testimonial from a man who purchased a Chakrub for his wife who he has been making love with for 30 years. 

“I purchased the Rose Chakrub for my wife. Once we cleansed and programmed it’s energy we started to play with it in bed. The first time we just used it for massage with coconut oil on her back. She liked how it felt sliding on her skin. Then one time we started with massage and started to get a little sexual. While I was orally pleasuring her, the Chakrub rolled in by her hip. I started to slide it on the outside of her sensitive area while still licking her clitoris area. Then I started to slowly insert it into her. The first orgasm was good. I continued and got the Chakrub more involved by thrusting it into her a little fast, then when she was close I inserted it as deep as it would go and just let it sit there and concentrated on my licking and she orgasmed so hard I couldn’t stay on her with my tongue. When she calmed down and I withdrew the Chakrub it was so warm to touch. I then slid it across her clitoris and she orgasmed again. By then I could not hold back anymore and had to replace the ‘rub with my self and we both had very loud, screaming, mutual orgasms. Our love making was way more intense than we had ever been. We have been having sex together for 30 years, so we know what gets each other off, but this was the best most intense we have ever felt. Since that day the Rose Quartz Chakrub lives in our bed and sleeps with us every night.” -K.B.