August Chakrubscopes: Awakening the Fire that Simmers Within

Regardless of where in the world you are, August marks the midpoint of a season; the middle of summer if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere and the middle of winter if you’re in the south. In astrology, the signs that govern mid-seasons (Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius, and Taurus) are fixed in modality, representing the diligence required to see things through. The middle of the season is when we might suffer from restlessness or lose sight of our goals. When we tune into the energy of fixed signs, they can give us that extra push to help us stay committed.

The sun is currently moving through Leo, a magnetic fire sign that inspires courage, authentic expression, and optimism. With several planets in retrograde and one partial eclipse coming up this month, it’s tempting to disengage and hit the snooze button on the rest of the summer. Leo energy can help us overcome this sluggishness by igniting our inner fire and bringing us closer to our creativity and passions. To tune into these vibrations, I recommend sungazing or sunbathing (with proper protection, of course!), seeing a performance with friends and having a lively discussion afterwards (Sorry to Bother You is a great film for this activity), or practicing your lion’s roar in the mirror.

On August 6th, Venus moves into its home sign of Libra, enhancing our appreciation for beauty and harmony. Libra’s love language is words of affirmation and it’s a great time to reach out to friends, family, or a romantic partner and tell them how you feel. Turn up the dial on compassion and try to see things from someone else’s point of view. Despite our online connections, societies are more divided than ever. Libra excels at closing these gaps and helping us find common ground.

An opportunity for renewal arrives on August 11, when the sun and moon align in Leo and bring about a partial solar eclipse. Leo is ruled by the sun, which represents our personality and active yang energy. A few journal prompts for the Leo new moon might include: What is my guiding light and how can I see it more clearly? What is my definition of success? How can I step onto the stage of my life with more confidence?

Mercury goes direct on August 19, bringing the total number of planets in retrograde down to six and allowing communication to flow with more ease. The sun moves into Virgo just a few days later on August 23, encouraging us to get organized about whatever ideas we’ve been incubating this summer. A Pisces full moon on August 26 bring a buoyant creativity into this process, encouraging us to dream big and embrace idealism. The following day on August 27, Mars goes direct, giving us an extra dose of energy to finish the season off with a bang.

Chakrubscopes are a unique take on horoscopes that blend tarot, astrology, crystal healing and self-care. Please read your sun, rising, and moon signs if you know them.

Written by Danielle Dorsey of Tarotviews using the Dark Days Tarot deck. Images used courtesy of Wren McCurdo, Dark Days Tarot artist and witch.


The Moon

When tarot was first conceived, The Moon represented an omen, unexpected revelations and unknowns. Now, as society moves towards acceptance of the divine feminine, we are beginning to understand The Moon as a symbol of intuition and insight. The dark is not a place to fear, but one that can sharpen our senses and help us adjust to a new way of being and seeing. This month, The Moon is asking you to slow your place and spend more time noticing. There are downloads waiting to come through if you can be brave enough to simply close your eyes and receive. When forward movement resumes, you will have additional clarity on the direction you are meant to take.

Support stone: Meditate with moonstone to tune into the energy of the divine.

Affirmation: All of my actions and inactions are in service to my gestating consciousness.


Knight of Swords

For better or worse, you’re a planner, Virgo. You see details that slip by everyone else and organization is your kink. The Knight of Swords is here to take you out of your comfort zone and push you towards bold, perhaps impulsive, action. Ruled by air, the Knight of Swords charges toward an idea with confidence and passion. Their eyes are fixated on the prize and it’s entirely likely that they may stumble or fall as they gallop forward with abandon. That’s okay. Perfectionism is a patriarchal ideal, one that clouds us with criticism and distracts us from our purpose. Mistakes invite innovation and bring our ego back down to earth. This is not a month to drown in details: instead, allow yourself to courageously wade into waters unknown.

Support stone: Green aventurine will help you align with your heart’s desires.

Affirmation: Every slip, fall, or supposed misstep was divinely placed to lead me here.


Queen of Cups

The Queen of Cups, plus Venus finding its home in your sign, make the month of August a time of deep emotional awareness. This is a time to trust your gut instincts and cater to your intuition. Find Venus in the sky and meditate on her beauty. Your feelings hold incredible wisdom, don’t let anyone invalidate them and get curious about where they might lead. Emotions, especially when they have been neglected or denied, can be intimidating to face, but the Queen of Cups assures that you possess the power to dissect them with care and compassion. Make sure you give yourself enough downtime so that clear messages can come through.

Support stone: Use kyanite to clear any emotional residue from your energetic field.

Affirmation: Creating space for my emotional tides to flow freely is the fastest way to fill my cup.


Seven of Pentacles

One of your talents, Scorpio, is the ability to see the truth of a situation, regardless of how obscure it might appear to anyone else. The Seven of Pentacles indicates that you might have been recently blindsighted or caught off guard, and encourages self-study as a way to regain your footing. It wants to remind you that none of us are infallible and that there is power in recognizing what gives you strength. Identify your support system and lean on it when necessary. This is a period of intense growth, but know that the rewards will be greater than the sacrifices.

Support stone: Use ocean jasper to get rooted as you navigate uncharted waters.

Affirmation: I tend to my garden diligently, understanding that the most significant growth occurs underground.


Ace of Wands Here is the Ace of Wands’ homework for you: Meditate on the fullness of the moon. Allow yourself to be inspired by climaxes and peaks. Celebrating the becoming, the flowering that is occurring within you. You are stepping into a new way of being, of interacting with the world. Some will celebrate this change, others will be threatened. Whatever their reaction, accept it as evidence of the transformation that is occurring, that you have worked hard to manifest. Trust your magic and begin to harness it with intention. Your potential is endless.

Support stone: Rainbow moonstone will help you recognize your inner vibrance.

Affirmation: Just like a budding rose, I celebrate my expansions while honoring my thorns.


Three of Wands

Three is a holy number, a number of synthesis. The Three of Wands asks what is synthesizing within you and what other parts have made it possible? None of us is an island, though we may occasionally convince ourselves of this fallacy. The Three of Wands recognizes the potential of what you have created, but wonders how much more you could manifest with a shared intention. Allowing others to be of assistance is a type of service and reminds the ego that interdependence, not independence, is the goal. This is a month to reconnect with your community and harness the power of the collective.

Support stone: Carnelian will catalyze change and amplify your energy.

Affirmation: Though friction can be uncomfortable, it also sparks movement and electricity.


Five of Swords

One of my favorite intuitives Lindsay Mack once said that, “The bigger the contraction, the larger the eventual expansion will be.” Fives are numbers of contraction and the swords are a suit associated with your element of air, ruling thought, rational, and all things mental. The Five of Swords asks us to familiarize ourselves with our pains, the ways in which we self-sabotage and betray our inner knowing. It’s not an easy process, nor is it straight forward. Just as soon as one negative habit has come to light, you might find yourself engaging in another destructive behavior. Know that these tendencies are coming up to be witnessed and healed. Know that you can marry the shadow with the light, but only if you are willing to acknowledge them in their entirety. Know that like all things this too shall pass, and that you will eventually expand into a higher, more realized version of yourself.

Support stone: Celestite will help you realize your universal potential.

Affirmation: As I remove the sword of self-sabotage, I tend to my wounds with compassion and grace.


The Fool

How synchronistic that this should be your card on the same month when the moon is full in your sign. This is an opportunity for you to leap forward into the unknown, to trust the journey through all its twists and turns. Bask in the present and remember that this moment is all we have. Allow yourself to be playful and search for inspiration in unlikely places. Remember to carry the Fool’s creed with you in all endeavors. Life becomes so much more fun when we invite surprises instead of avoiding them.

Support stone: Lepidolite will help you release anxiety and embrace flow.

Affirmation: I am trading in caution for creativity, productivity for passion.


Nine of Cups

The Nine of Cups reminds you that you are never without options, Aries. In fact, it encourages you to make a wish. You’ve put in the work to create choices for yourself and now is the time to let go of what’s practical and listen to your heart for direction. Take stock of everything you’ve created and decide with intention which cup you want to pour into, what most deserves your energy and attention at this time. Release any bargaining and “buts,” there is no reason to compromise on your deepest desires.

Support stone: Sodalite will give you the courage to speak your truth.

Affirmation: Decisions become liberating when I do what’s best for me.


Four of Pentacles

The first phrase that came to mind when I chose this card was, “It’s time to level up!” No need to wonder if you’re ready when you’ve spent so much time preparing for and cultivating this moment. The Four of Pentacles encourages you to spread your wings to gracefully enter this new phase, but remember to keep one foot on the ground. Identify your resources and generously give gratitude to them. Remain tethered to the earth, your home, and your sense of security. Remember to uplift others as you rise.

Support stone: Nirvana quartz will strengthen your faith that you are on the right path.

Affirmation: Even as I soar I find stability in my wings.

G E M I N I 

Six of Pentacles

There’s a saying that, “Your vibe attracts your tribe.” The Six of Pentacles drives this point home and asks you to look at your circle of comrades as evidence of whether or not you’re in alignment. Are the people closest to you lifting you up or bringing you down? Are they encouraging your evolution or throwing more obstacles in your way? The potential for magic is great, but only if you are consciously creating with those around you and you value one anothers’ talents. This may be a month of cutting cords on expired connections that no longer serve your highest good. On the other hand, it could be a month of inspirational magic-making if you can identify your true allies.

Support stone: Amethyst will restore peace of mind to help you make clear decisions.

Affirmation: As I raise my vibration, those who are misaligned become easier to recognize.


Ten of Pentacles

It’s been an intense summer of growth for you, sweet Cancer, but the Ten of Pentacles promises that a reward is on the horizon. Perhaps you can already see evidence of this growth breaking ground and beginning to sprout in your life. The only thing left to do is remain confident that you are bringing this manifestation forward and to continue holding the picture in your mind. Know that the actualization of this dream will present you with a different reality, one that might be difficult to adjust to at first. Remember that you asked for this and that its arrival is proof of your readiness and worthiness.

Support stone: Citrine will invite ease and abundance into your life.

Affirmation: I am making a home inside this moment of cultivation, appreciating everything my hard work has won.