Ritual: Ingredients for Alchemy

The four elements -- water, fire, air, earth -- don’t just exist in our environments, but makeup our entire being. In addition to their practical functions, each of them has certain qualities and quirks that can be wielded to our advantage. Water is amorphous and ever-flowing, just like our feelings
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Manipulation in Spiritual Communities

My name is Vanessa and I’m the founder of Chakrubs. An article recently came out about someone in the spiritual community that is being called a fraud for passing off mass-produced items as handmade and selling Chakrubs products as her own, amongst other things.This recent controversy has inspired m
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The Role of Consent on Public Platforms

A few weeks ago, an article about Chakrubs was published in Vice Quebec. It was a lovely piece about one woman’s experience using Chakrubs and how it shifted her approach to self-pleasure. The aspect we want to address is a photo that was shared within that article. It belonged to artist Laurence “M
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