Xaga Curve

Xaga Curve

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size: 6.75 W × 1.50 H × 3.25 L
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The Chakrub Curved Xaga.

The curve and bulbous tip of the Xaga Curve allows you to effortlessly entice your g-spot to engorge. Black Obsidian.

3.25" circumference

6.75" length


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Xaga Curve
Written by Emily on 16th Feb 2017

I agree with the previous reviewer, it is a very soothing stone. Beautiful stone and a lovely shape. And when I have more time to play with it, rather than sleep near it, I promise to update my review. Thank you!

My Xaga Friend
Written by Andrea on 16th Feb 2017

I am sleeping much better. Honestly, have not had much opportunity to play with it as a pleasure toy as yet, but there is something about this obsidian that, as soon as I get in bed I tuck it near me, and I am out like a light. I don't know how to explain this as previously I was a very light sleeper, had difficulty falling and staying asleep. The last week or so I've been sleeping like a baby! <3 Love this thing.

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