Xaga Curve @glazedb0nes Xaga Curve
Xaga Curve @glazedb0nes Xaga Curve

Xaga Curve

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size: 6.75 W × 1.50 H × 3.25 L
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The Chakrub Curved Xaga.

The curve and bulbous tip of the Xaga Curve allows you to effortlessly entice your g-spot to engorge. Black Obsidian.

3.25" circumference

6.75" length


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Mind blowing experience
Written by Tammy on 8th Apr 2017

First of all, what a nice presentation. I cried reading Vanessa's note and instantly filled with love. After meditating with my Xaga Curve and setting my intentions, my heart was pumping as I've been waiting for this moment since I made the choice to honor my desire and ordered my crystal. I believe sex is sacred and should only be experienced with partners who you trust and we should be cautious of the energy exchange that is happening. Therefore it makes it difficult for me to have "one night stands" to fulfill a burning desire to be satisfied. So I decided to gift Xaga Curve to myself. What a great decision! I have the most intense orgasms and most profound moments when I play with it. I break free from limitations and I am aware that it's healing all the trauma I have around sex. I usually play with it in front of a mirror, honoring and admiring my body and what a profound experience that is to just look at my body and acknowledge it with all of it "flaws" as society puts it. What a liberating experience to love yourself in a society that is trying its best to prevent you to do so. Just writing this review makes me want to play with it and keep it closer to me. I sometimes like to just hold it when I sleep and I have the most relaxing sleep. Thank you Chakrubs for reminding me to love myself more each and every day.

Xaga Curve
Written by Emily on 16th Feb 2017

I agree with the previous reviewer, it is a very soothing stone. Beautiful stone and a lovely shape. And when I have more time to play with it, rather than sleep near it, I promise to update my review. Thank you!

My Xaga Friend
Written by Andrea on 16th Feb 2017

I am sleeping much better. Honestly, have not had much opportunity to play with it as a pleasure toy as yet, but there is something about this obsidian that, as soon as I get in bed I tuck it near me, and I am out like a light. I don't know how to explain this as previously I was a very light sleeper, had difficulty falling and staying asleep. The last week or so I've been sleeping like a baby! <3 Love this thing.

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