The Xaga


The Xaga:

Black Obsidian


Product Description:

Black Obsidian is regarded as a powerful protection stone that absorbs negative energy and helps to release mental stress and promote emotional well-being.

An excellent stone to have around during times of mental or physical stress or bereavement, as it provides strength and support during difficult circumstances.


Black Obsidian is said to help alleviate fears and worries and to help you to feel comfortable within yourself and in your surroundings. It is also believed to promote stamina and vigour and to encourage the making of wise decisions.

Black Obsidian is said to promote self-control helping the wearer to keep excessive emotions and passions under control.


The Xaga Chakrub can specifically assist with:


- Easing past relationship trauma & overcoming emotional strain

- Creating emotional stability

- Learning & implementing self-control

- Absorbing negative energy & overcoming stress

- Promoting clarity when making difficult decisions

- Promoting positive sexual health and easing the Root Chakra, ovaries, womb & menses


The Xaga is a slender & nimble Chakrub, suitable and pleasurable for intimate massage.


When the energy of the crystal combines with your own sexual energy, expect your chakras to light up, your heart to open, and your body to become more sensitive to subtle sexual energy.


Materials & Weight:

100% Natural Black Obsidian crystal

0.8 lb 

Measured Flat: 7” long and .75” - 1” wide 

Circumference: 2.5” small end and 3.5" large end


- Chakrubs do not require batteries

- 100% natural - does not contain chemicals or artificial treatment

- Smooth surface

- Relieves muscular and emotional tension

*Color and size variations may occur because they are hand shaped and made out of pure black obsidian. Slight imperfections in the crystal are normal as they are hand polished and shaped without dyes or chemicals.

*All sales final

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Height 7.00
Weight 0.51 LBS
Depth 1.00


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The Xaga

So good to me! Favorite toy thus far! Joints and muscles relaxed, sense of clarity, 2 sizes (one on each end) for pleasurable variety. I will be collecting other Chakrubs for sure!
Posted by Ruby, 29th Nov 2017


awesome!! great pleasure, useful for meditation.
Posted by Iz, 8th Jul 2017

Feeling in to it. Feeling good so far

I joked to my friends it was the only thing I needed to pack on my trip. Mb it was a truer statement than I knew
Posted by Lennox Diamonds, 9th Jun 2017

Loving this

I just got my xaga and I am in love with it. I bought a chakrub impulsively because it just felt drawn to it. I debated on which to get and I am so glad I got this one. It arrived very quickly and there was a lovely note, instructions for use and a selenite wand. I put it in the sun to charge. I was inspired to clean before bringing it into my bedroom space. I meditated with it before playing. As I began to meditate with it, I was flooded with loving thoughts about myself, as if it was speaking to me. I have struggled with poor self esteem and negativity which is why I selected the Xaga. I am in love with it and it produces very intense orgasms.
Posted by Alyssa K, 5th Mar 2017

Love it

First Chakrub. Comes in a lovely fabric envelope case~ great for storing and protecting. Very thin, light, smooth and very easy to clean. Warms up very quickly. Looking forward to getting another~
Posted by Jamie, 7th Dec 2016


Endless amounts of fun, and deep, spiritual o's. Grateful for this product :)
Posted by AD, 11th Jan 2016

First one and I love it!

I appreciate the tips that came along with the product about warming it before use, I can imagine a freezing cold rub can cause a tornado down there! Lol I use it along with my bullet and it's amazing... A great investment!
Posted by jena , 23rd Dec 2015

Get yours asap

I absolutely love my black onyx, & would 110% recommend. It's really helping with my "open my heart, quiet my mind" practice.
Posted by undefined, 21st Jan 2015