The Viper


Inspired by a customer request, The Viper has a unique curvature and ridged shape for extra sensation. Made from 100% obsidian, this tool can be used to help us see hidden aspects of the self and release negative blocks. The protective and cleansing properties of obsidian make this instrument ideal for tantric or sacred sex rituals. Resembling a rattle or stinger, the Viper is a perfect Shadow Line addition to help you honor your darker impulses.



Measured Flat: 
Length: 7 inches
Width: 1.25 inches
Weight: 8 ounces 
Release Date: Expected release date is 28th Mar 2018
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Height 1.00
Weight 0.50 LBS
Depth 7.00


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Life changing !! Empower your Yoni

I have only had about 2 weeks with my Viper and I love it so much—it’s completely shifted and increased my sexual confidence! I am no longer desperate for the feeling of vaginal insertion from an outside partner—I love that this gift keeps on giving to myself—-I can pleasure myself in a safe, healthy, healing way. I felt after the first use that something energetically improved in my Yoni. I will be purchasing others to explore different outcomes from the gemstone healing. This is the power of quantum and has real impact on grounding your self love /self care journey. I grew up in communities that shamed women for being sexual beings —this is giving me courage to go after who and what I want in life and to no longer be afraid to tap into my sexual goddess power! My love interests are also amazed at my upbeat personality and openness/comfortability with intimacy now. Do yourself a your Yoni a favor and try something different. You will not regret.
Posted by Jordan Taylor, 7th Mar 2018

Viper Love

This one took me by surprise. It’s sneaky. The energy was powerful as soon as I put my hand on it through the beautiful fabric case. This wand is changing. I don’t really know how to explain it exactly. I have a wonderful history with obsidian yoni eggs and other wands that are intense, but nothing has been like this. I suppose that it takes me to a dreamscape or other realm? Full of shadows and secrets and whispers and some place deep and dark, but enchanting and necessary—leaving me feeling empowered and sure of who I am, all the part, both feminine and masculine, broken and whole. I love all 4 of my crystal wands. There’s nothing like them. I never felt good with other sex toys although I wasn’t adverse. Just like ok. That was fun or that wasn’t. But with crystals it’s a full on body and mind and soul and spirit connection. It’s sacred. And yesssss, fun and orgasms like I’ve never had alone before. Giddy. Intense. Surreal. Multiple. Just buy it. I can’t wait to add the Rabbit Jade and Clear Quartz to my collection. Plus they are even more beautiful than in the photos and oh!!!! I’m post menopausal? I have full lubrication back! And it’s not coincidence I know that the hormones or whatever released is changing my skin, my hair..... nothing else is different. They are worth every dollar.
Posted by Renee, 29th Dec 2017

Loved the viper.

The viper made me feel secured womanly and reenergized. Definitely one of my favorites.
Posted by Alexandra Moxene, 4th Dec 2017