Star Rose Quartz #3

Crystals of the Month /February/ Star Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz, an undeniable ally of the heart and soul, a stone for enhancing relational love.  She is a stone often seen and found, and her accessibility is something we can all be thankful for. With her beauty and grace so abundant, it is no wonder this stone is seen as a stone of love.  But what is love? It is not the Valentine’s Day we see in this day and age.  Love is something much more real, much more true.  It is what truly protects us from even the darkest moments.  Let’s love ourselves more this month.  As we traverse this month’s experiences and get closer to a less masked version of ourselves, it’s important to always remember the love, especially with ourselves, our bodies, and our experiences.  Rose Quartz reminds us of the ways we can love ourselves.  She reminds us to ask for what we need.  She reminds us that the weight of the world does not belong on our shoulders, and we do not need to carry it any longer.  Rose Quartz is truly a stone for coming home. She shows us that we are not alone, even when it may feel that way.  There is no separation with her.  Our energies and hers blend as one. 

These particular Rose Quartz pieces are Star Rose Quartz, the highest quality of Rose Quartz in the mineral kingdom.  These pieces each of subtleties to their energies, making them a joy to explore and grow with.  Lay these pieces on the heart to shield from unnecessary belief systems that inhibit our love and to gain a deeper intimacy with ourselves and the stone.

4" x 3" x 2"
1.18 lbs

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Height 3.00
Weight 1.18 LBS
Depth 2.00


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