Rhodonite Tumble

An inner to outer healing - through lifting layers, lifting resonance, and discovering our own personal medicine, not just for ourselves but for the good of us all.  Developing our purpose, choosing from the heart, and dancing with dharma (life's purpose) - as much as each of these things feel unique to each one of us, they are not personal.  They are concepts that we all, as conscious beings, must face.  And they are all concepts that can be nurtured and looked upon with grace, especially with Rhodonite by our sides.  Purpose is not for ourselves reflected as individual but for ourselves reflected as one.  Rhodonite asks us to embrace our heart in the most courageous way, to tap into our passions, our art, our service.  Where we place our energy will always impact our future, and Rhodonite helps us remember that.  Rhodonite assists us with discovering our hidden gifts, where and how to use them, all while healing our tendencies to hide our talents.  This stone puts one on a frequency of generosity, sharing our service with the world, causing immense and infinite satisfaction and fulfillment.  This also creates a frequency of reception, allowing us to attract what we need to fulfill our deepest purpose within the lifetime.

From Peru

.09 lbs
1.5" x 1" x 1"
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Height 1.00
Weight 0.09 LBS
Depth 1.00


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