Labradorite External Massage Stone


Labradorite external massage stone

Known for its beautiful iridescence, labradorite has been upheld as a stone of mystics, magicians, healers, and all who seek to understand the inner workings of our vast Universe. It enhances intuitive abilities such as telepathy, clairvoyance, and past-life recall, and offers protection to those traversing through otherworldly realms. Labradorite resonates with the bright blue of our throat chakra, helping us to communicate our desires and express our deepest truths. Labradorite is an ideal stone for self-discovery and can help recover lost memories to facilitate healing.

This Labradorite External Massager can be used to protect your aura, detoxify negative energies, and develop sensitivity in your hands. As a stone of the throat chakra, labradorite can assist in healing respiratory issues and is beneficial for the lungs. Use this massager to reduce mental stress, anxiety and to relieve symptoms associated with menstruation.


*This is an External Massage Stone Only, as it contains aluminum which may be harmful if used internally. To use this product internally, please use a condom.*


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Height 7.00
Weight 0.50 LBS
Depth 3.00


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I love meditating with labradorite. It has a brilliant energy that is remarkable stimulating for the third eye. When I found this crystal, it felt like a wonderful discovery, an exciting secret waiting to be uncovered. Not only do I meditate with this gorgeous wand but it has also proven useful against headaches. Beautiful.
Posted by Q, 19th Jun 2018