Iolite Tumble

The stone of the High Priestess, Iolite is considered a beautiful crystal for assisting with self responsibility - empowering us towards the concept that we have the power to create our own realities.  When trapped in the archetype of the martyr - or a belief that life is happening "to" us not "for" us, she will gently shift our perception and bring us towards a place of empowerment instead of defeatism.  When the seduction of distraction is upon us, Iolite will help us refocus and let go of any self sabotaging tendencies.  When life's challenges arise, she will offer us graceful solutions.  Iolite reminds us that we have the answers, all we need is trust and belief.


From India
.05 lbs ea
1" x 1" x .5"
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Height 1.00
Weight 0.05 LBS
Depth 0.50


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