Bolivian Amethyst Point


Bolivian Amethyst point

Derived from the ancient Greek word amethustos meaning “not drunk,” amethyst is a calming crystal of temperance. It has been called the “Couple’s Stone,” as it deepens relationships and allows for a more spiritual communion.

Amethyst has the ability to transmute lower vibrational energies into love, break addictions of all types, and pacify the mind to connect with higher realms. Its vibrant violet color connects it to the Crown Chakra, helping us establish contact with the Divine.

Ethically sourced from Bolivia, these amethyst points will bring focus to your intention and help you direct energy. Keep it by your bedside to promote restful sleep, in your office to encourage peace and cooperation, or as the center of energy grids.



*actual color and size may vary slightly

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Height 5.00
Weight 0.40 LBS
Depth 3.00


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