Blue Kyanite

The ultimate cleansing and clearing stone, Blue Kyanite assists us with maintaining an environment and spirit cleared of any negative, stagnant, or unwanted energy.  This particular batch of High Grade Blue Kyanite is a deep and rich blue color, offering a much more soulful touch than other flavors of this stone.  Kyanite is a magical stone that has the ability to clear and align all chakra points while moving any heaviness found in the body.  She can also cleanse the energy in a space, as well as other crystals. You can place her next to other crystals and she will do her work.  This is a great stone to have on hand when doing any healing work with stones, either on yourself or others, as many crystals do tend to soak up our energy.  As our physical and spiritual bodies are restored, we may notice a new sense of self responsibility and honesty begin to emerge.  Things we may have been hiding from ourselves will begin to see light, expanding our expression of who we are and bringing greater depths to our spiritual selves.  Blue Kyanite is also a useful throat chakra stone, allowing us to speak life into our truth.
This stone is from Brazil.
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