Taurus Full Moon Ritual for Attracting Abundance

Known as the “stone of opportunity,” green aventurine doesn’t just attract luck, it aligns situations so that opportunity becomes inevitable. This crystal radiates with the loving energy of the heart chakra and encourages feelings of gratitude and compassion that open us up to receiving. On Friday, November 3 at 10:42pm PST, the moon will reach its fullness in the sensual earth sign of Taurus. With Samhain recently passed, there is much magic in the air for us to work with. Take this opportunity to set intentions regarding material matters, relationships and sex, and to release beliefs that are blocking your flow of abundance.

Set the mood to seduce yourself. Cleanse your space with sage or spray essential oils. Settle in and relax. Breathe mindfully, preparing yourself for the abundance that is already on its way to you. Set an intention for your practice. You might say something like, “I release and heal any negativity that is blocking my prosperity and abundance,” or “I remain an open channel for abundance to flow through effortlessly.”

During this ritual, you will pay special attention to your non-dominant side. Your non-dominant side is the receiving side of your body, your dominant side the receiving. Hands are especially powerful in attracting and dispensing energy. Begin by holding your Indian Jade Chakrub or jade yoni egg in your non-dominant hand and focus on your intention. Tune into the magnetic energy of your Chakrub or yoni egg and imagine that your dreams are being pulled towards you with this force. Imagine how the abundance will manifest and feel gratitude for what is already in motion.

Caress the Chakrub or yoni egg along the non-dominant side of your body, beginning at your feet and moving upwards. As you do this, envision any blocked energy being cleared and that space becoming illuminated with a fertile green glow. When you reach the heart chakra, slow down and pay careful attention, tracing the Chakrub around your nipples and allowing it to rest against your breast plate. Imagine that green light shining even brighter and surrounding you in its protective glow. Continue up the rest of the non-dominant side of your body and then repeat these actions on the dominant side. This signals to the universe that you are willing to balance your abundance by giving without expectation.

Afterwards, you can continue your usual Chakrub or yoni egg practice, making sure to focus on your intention as energy builds. When you have completed your ritual, take a moment to give gratitude to the energy you have conjured in this space. Hold your Chakrub or yoni egg in your non-dominant hand as you focus on these feelings. After you’re done, place your Chakrub somewhere it can absorb the Taurus Full Moon rays. The moon will remain full in Taurus through Sunday evening, so you might let it soak up that moonlight for a couple of nights.

Prepare to see your intentions manifest as the moon wanes, and pay attention to small coincidences and favors. Whenever you practice with your Chakrub for the rest of this moon cycle, remember the earthy Taurus energy that it contains and know that you are reaffirming your intention with every use.