Fill Your Cup With This Full Moon in Cancer Ritual on New Year's Day

We live in a world that places emphasis on the external, that would have us believe that reality is limited to what our eyes can see. Each year come December, friends and family begin asking us about our resolutions, wanting to know what they can expect from us in the new year. Though perhaps unintended, it’s a subtle implication that we’re not enough, that we’re required to prove that we’re better with each passing year. This way of thinking denies us our humanity, and the fact that for some of us, even making it through the year is worth celebrating.

The truth is, it’s only when we tend to our internal needs that we become truly present to the world around us. When we stop letting others dictate our paths and learn to follow the impulse of our desires, the future no longer appears as this formidable thing to conquer, but a joyous collaboration with the universe.

This work can be intimidating, but thankfully, we have a juicy full moon on New Year’s Day to illuminate the road ahead. Situated in the cardinal water sign of Cancer, this moon reminds us that any outward goal must support our inner healing. It’s an opportunity to set a strong tone for 2018 by resolving to take action from a place of nourishment and self-care.

The moon will reach fullness on Monday, January 1, 2018, at 6:23PM PST. If possible, I recommend coinciding your ritual with the moon rise.

You will need:

1 green or pink crystal for the heart chakra

1 blue crystal for the throat chakra

Epsom salt

Small tub (if bathtub is not available)

Mason jar



For this ritual, we will focus specifically on the heart and throat chakras. Take care to get grounded and balance your lower three chakras beforehand, perhaps with a meditation. Our focus will be on the element of water to help us get in touch with our internal tides.

If you feel the need to cleanse your space, I recommend using a diffuser or spritzing essential oils. Keep your crystals within arm’s reach for the entirety of this ritual.

You will begin by taking a shower. Make sure that the water is a comfortably warm before entering.

Take the green or pink crystal and hold it to the center of your chest. Tune into the emotional side of 2017. How did it feel different than years passed? Do you feel more emotionally aware and intuitive? Allow yourself to feel every emotion that comes through you and meet it with love. Extend forgiveness to yourself and any situation that remains unresolved. Feel the pure heart energy radiating through the crystal and remind yourself that this is available to you at all times. Know that you have absorbed all of the necessary lessons of 2017 and release everything else down the drain. Set the crystal aside.

Repeat this step with the blue crystal, holding it to your throat. Think about how you communicated and expressed yourself in 2017. Were you free to express yourself or did you feel censored? Did you speak primarily from a place of love and compassion? Assess your listening skills and whether you have a tendency to cut people off or twist words to your advantage. Imagine what it would feel like and look like to live in your truth. Allow this vision to grow and consider what our world might be like if everyone felt safe enough to express who they truly are. Commit to the liberation of your throat chakra and let the water rinse away any doubts.

The second part of this ritual will take place in a bathtub with epsom salt or sitting down with your feet soaking in an epsom salt bath. Alternatively, you can plug your shower drain and soak your feet that way. The epsom salt signifies the regenerative aspect of the full moon, and eliminates toxins, boosts magnesium levels, and reduces stress.

The astrological sign of Cancer is symbolized by the crab, which makes sense given this sign’s emphasis on a cozy home environment. As you soak, envision yourself as the crab and consider what you would decorate your shell with. Think of this shell not only as your home, but also your armor. What will give you strength to weather 2018’s storms? You might think of qualities like open-mindedness, confidence, and acceptance, but don’t discredit physical pleasures like a warm cup of tea, a journal, or your favorite crystal friend. The point of this exercise is to become intimately aware of what makes you feel safe, so get as creative and specific as possible. Write your answers down, to refer to whenever you’re in need of ideas for self-care.

After you’ve finished your bath or foot soak, take your mason jar and fill it with distilled water. Submerge the crystals from your ritual and place the jar in view of the full moon. If the crystals you chose are not suitable for the direct method, set them on top of the closed jar. Let this concoction sit for at least two hours or overnight.

Make a commitment to anoint yourself with this potent full moon water throughout the year, whenever you are feeling disconnected, discouraged, or afraid. Let it serve as a reminder that feelings are little more than waves and though some may be stronger than others, they will all pass eventually. Honor your inner currents and pay attention to the lessons they are trying to teach you. Know that just as the moon guides the ocean tides, so will she be guiding you through this year and beyond.