5 Ways to Honor the Divine Masculine for the Aries New Moon

Congratulations, you survived the first Mercury Retrograde of 2018! Take a moment and think over the last few weeks. What lessons did Mercury teach you and how were they learned? What successes can you celebrate? Breathe in gratitude for your experience.

One thing that has come to my attention this retrograde period is our society’s fractured relationship to the divine masculine and how that disfunction pervades our entire existence.

Mercury retrograde began just days after the spring equinox, effectively putting a halt to our season of growth. These contradicting currents threw us off balance, and instead of yielding to the flow or rethinking approach, many forced their way forward.

It's difficult to slow down in our fast paced world. We fear everything will keep spinning, eventually leaving us behind. This is masculine energy on overdrive: impatient, demanding, hurried, forceful. It's so prevalent that sometimes we forget there is another, more divine expression of this energy.

Mercury and the Sun have both been moving through Aries, a fire sign that embodies many qualities we perceive to be masculine. Aries' first concern is with the self, and making sure that all of its needs are satisfied. In its highest expression, Aries is not cut off from others, but sees his divinity reflected in everyone he meets. This allows him to be an effective leader and align his actions to serve the greatest good.

This energy lives in all of us, regardless of gender identity. It is Mars energy, passionate and fiery. If we are not careful to temper it, it can become inflamed or burn us.

Mercury stations direct at 2:21 am PT on Sunday, April 15th, and the new moon in Aries follows later that day at 6:57 pm PST. New moons represent yang energy and this particular new moon in Aries marks the first of the astrological new year, making it a potent time for change. All the while, boundary-busting Uranus makes its final conjunction to the sun, concluding an eight-year journey through Aries. We can use these shifts as an opportunity to pioneer a new relationship with masculine energy. We may feel called to buck tradition and create our own definitions, or perhaps ditch labels altogether and find new ways of storing data in the mind. Just as with self-care, doing this work on an individual level eventually builds to disrupt the patriarchal status quo.

Here are five simple ways to honor the divine masculine this new moon and beyond:

1.Candle Magic

Elementally, fire and air are considered masculine, and earth and water are considered feminine. Candle gazing is an ancient meditative practice that can used to invoke the third eye. To begin, find a comfortable seat with a straight back. Place a candle at eye level about one to two feet away. Make sure the room is dark and draftless and light the candle. Watch the flame with a steady gaze and allow yourself to slip into a trance. Let the corners of your vision melt and see what information is revealed. Try asking the candle if your energies are in balance and pay attention to how the flame moves. Is it strong or weak? Jumping around or holding steady? Here's a reference for reading candle flames.

2. Watch the sun rise

Set an early alarm and go for a stroll or take a hike, watching the sun greet the world. The sun rules fixed fire sign Leo and represents vitality, confidence, and drive. As the sun rises over you, think about how it is shining on your endeavors and allow it to motivate you.

3. Sunbathe

If a hike is inaccessible or mornings aren't your thing, try sunbathing instead. Grab some sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat, and sit under the sun's gaze. If you are especially sensitive to sunlight you can sit with your back to the sun or in the shade. Meditate or listen to calming music and imagine this light leader charging you with solar energy.

4. Smoke

Many cultures treat smoking as a sacred activity and a way to tune into the elements. You can create a smoking ritual with cannabis, tobacco, or whatever herbs work for you. You could even make it a group activity and visit a hookah lounge. Ignite your chosen substance and watch air, fire, and earth meet. Try interpreting the smoke as you release it from your lips. Notice what shapes you see and if they are meaningful to you. If you prefer not to smoke, try smudging instead.

5. Cloud gazing

The element of air is associated with intellect and thought, and when it is overactive we become critical and insecure. Cloud gazing will allow your mind to relax and encourage bonding with your inner child. Find shapes in the sky and let your imagination make up tall tales. See where these stories intersect with your four-dimensional reality and how they inspire you.