Azurite is the ultimate stone for Third Eye activation.  She enhances intellect and intuition, bringing forth clarity and decisiveness.  Azurite also invites us to explore our own inner workings and insights, offering us an alignment between our visions/dreams and higher self.   Azurite is a powerful stone, and not one to take lightly.  She can often bring us overwhelming awareness of self, ego motives, and an adept intuitive perception.  This can create immense spiritual growth and responsibility within a short amount of time.  If you are looking to create spiritual agility and expansion, this is the stone for you.  Azurite will bring forth a steady form of clarity, an inner wisdom, a presence within oneself not yet touched.  This stone is for the healers, witches, serpents, and anyone looking to expand their beliefs of what is.


From Morocco
.01 lbs
1" x .5"
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Height 1.00
Weight 0.01 LBS
Depth 0.50


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